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    • Low-temperature heat capacities of Ni3Al 

      Ho, J. C.; Liang, Royce C.; Dandekar, D. P. (IEEE, 1986-02-01)
      Heat capacities of two single-crystal Ni3Al samples have been measured between 2 and 14 K. The data can be well fitted to the sum of a lattice and an electronic term, without a magnetic cluster contribution as previously ...
    • Low-temperature heat capacities of silicon carbide 

      Lin, G. J.; Ho, J. C.; Dandekar, D. P. (IEEE, 1987-01-01)
      Temperature dependence of heat capacity data between 4 and 12 K can be represented by a single term, ßT3, associated with lattice vibrations. The coefficient ß corresponds to a large Debye temperature of 990 K consistent ...