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    • S.E.L.E.N.E: System Engineered for Lunar Environment, Navigation, and Exploration 

      Morales, Kevin; Wang, Long; Christensen, Fennie; Kim, Arnold; Alfaro, Jennifer; Smith, Brandon; Ergil, Selin; Rincon, Clarissa (Wichita State University, 2021-04-02)
      Augmented Reality (AR) display technologies utilize computer-generated virtualized content to enhance the observer's perception of the physical environment. This NASA SUITS (Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students) ...
    • S.N.A.P. gap 

      Miller, Crystal A. (Wichita State University, 2015-02-15)
      Childhood hunger is a health issue prevalent among children throughout the United States. Many families who live at or below the poverty level enroll and participate in programs to reduce the effects of hunger. The ...
    • Sacramental tempest: a return to literary mystery 

      Busenitz, Stuart S. (Wichita State University, 2018-12)
      Early modernity's rise during the seventeenth century in England created a shift in culture including literary artistic expressions. This paper proposes that the rise of modernity limited the communicative power of language ...
    • Saddling the whirlwind: exploring an organizational culture of a hybrid library 

      Matveyeva, Susan J.; Deyoe, Nancy (Maryville, MO : Northwest Missouri State University, c2006., 2006-11-03)
      How to cope with the whirlwind of changes with no additional staff or money? The small cataloging unit seeks the answer on this familiar question in its organizational culture that includes a “team” and “hierarchical” ...
    • SafeExit4All: An inclusive indoor emergency evacuation system for people with disabilities 

      Unknown author (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc., 2019-05-13)
      Indoor wayfinding has remained a challenge for people with disabilities in unfamiliar environments. With some accessible indoor wayfinding systems coming to the fore recently, a major application of interest is that of ...
    • Safeguarding patients data for reasonable health care cost 

      Gampa, Srikanth (Wichita State University, 2018-02-20)
      Health care providers including hospitals are required by law to publicly release their patient data, removing explicitly identifiable attributes, such as name, social security number, and address. The release of this data ...
    • Safety and security concerns: perceptions of preparedness of a rural school district 

      Diepenbrock, Robert G. (Wichita State University, 2010-12)
      School safety and security continues to be a concern in schools throughout the world as it is not a matter of if, but when a crisis will occur. There is a large segment of the population that attends schools in rural ...
    • Safety concerns in composite manufacturing and machining 

      Asmatulu, Eylem; Alonayni, Abdullah; Alamir, Mohammed Abdullah (SPIE, 2018-03-22)
      Because of the superior properties, composites have been used in many industrial applications, including aerospace, wind turbines, ships, cars, fishing rods, storage tanks, swimming pool panels, and baseball bats. Each ...
    • Safety critical networks using commodity SDNs 

      Kashinath, Ashish; Hasan, Monowar; Kumar, Rakesh; Mohan, Sibin; Bobba, Rakesh B.; Padhy, Smruti (IEEE, 2021-05-05)
      Safety-critical networks often have stringent real-time requirements; they must also be resilient to failures. In this paper, we propose the RealFlow framework that uses commodity software-defined networks (SDNs) to realize ...
    • Safety culture at a collegiate flight school 

      Wheeler, Brooke; Cambata, Christopher; Alyamani, Gazali; Fox, Greg; Silver, Isaac (Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS), 2019-12)
      Safety management systems are implemented in aviation to assess and iteratively improve on safety, with the goal of monitoring and maintaining a strong safety culture to reduce risks and avoid future incidents and accidents. ...
    • Sagittal plane moment arms of the female lumbar region rectus abdominis in an upright neutral torso posture 

      Jorgensen, Michael J.; Marras, William S.; Smith, Francis W.; Pope, Malcolm H. (Pergamon, 2005-03)
      Prior imaging studies of torso muscle moment arms for use as inputs into biomechanical models have been derived from subjects lying supine. Recent research suggests moment arms of the rectus abdominis are larger when ...
    • Salamanca, Spain: Collective Memory in the Urban Space-Time Continuum 

      Roberts, Rachel M. (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2006)
    • Sales complexity and value appropriation: a taxonomy of sales situations 

      Rangarajan, Deva; Hochstein, Bryan W.; Nagel, Duane M.; Lyngdoh, Teidorlang (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2021-12-27)
      Purpose – The increasingly complex business-to-business (B2B) sales process necessitates that sales managers strike the right balance between appropriate resource allocation, while also maintaining the profitability of the ...
    • The salesperson wellness lifestyle, coping with stress and the reduction of turnover 

      Kraft, Frederic B.; Maity, Devdeep; Porter, Stephen S. (Emerald Publishing, 2019-03-04)
      Purpose It is well known that job stress is major cause of salesperson job dissatisfaction and turnover. Salespeople require the resources to cope adequately with a multitude of job stressors, and the purpose of this study ...
    • Salivary cystatin SN is a factor predicting iron bioavailability after phytic acid rich meals in female participants 

      Delimont, Nicole; Nickel, Sarah M. (Taylor and Francis Ltd., 2020-11-12)
      Phytic acid is an inhibitor of iron bioavailability, but it has been suggested that individuals may adapt to phytic acid over time, and that the salivary protein, cystatin SN, may be involved. This study evaluated the ...
    • Saloons: eat, drink, and be civil 

      Rhodes, Austin Charles (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2012-04-18)
      Through Hollywood and dime novels the old west saloons have achieved a mythic status. Saloons are almost always shown as exciting places full of gambling, prostitution and violence. A place where a person was just as likely ...
    • Salt hydrates as phase change materials for photovoltaics thermal management 

      Choo, Yee M.; Wei, Wei (Wiley Open Access, 2021-11-10)
      Recently, phase change materials (PCMs) are acquiring much attention for the overall enhancement of photovoltaic (PV) systems' performance, because of their extraordinary property in temperature management. Many researchers ...
    • Salt hydrates as phase change materials for photovoltaics thermal management 

      Choo, Yee Min (Wichita State University, 2022-07)
      As of late, phase change materials (PCMs) are acquiring much attention for the overall enhancement of PV systems' performance efficiency, because of their extraordinary property in temperature management. Many researchers ...
    • Salvation for sale 

      Okafor, Chinyere Grace (Kraft Books Limited, 1996)
    • Sam Taylor, Poetry Reading 

      Taylor, Sam (2012-07-27)
      Wichita State faculty member Sam Taylor reads his poetry.