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  • Quantum circuit representation of Bayesian networks 

    Borujeni, Sima E.; Nannapaneni, Saideep; Nguyen, Nam H.; Behrman, Elizabeth C.; Steck, James E. (Elsevier, 2021-08-15)
    Probabilistic graphical models such as Bayesian networks are widely used to model stochastic systems to perform various types of analysis such as probabilistic prediction, risk analysis, and system health monitoring, which ...
  • VISOB 2.0 - The second international competition on mobile ocular biometric recognition 

    Nguyen, Hoang Mark; Reddy, Narsi; Rattani, Ajita; Derakhshani, Reza R. (Springer, Cham, 2021-02-21)
    Following the success of VISOB 1.0 visible light ocular biometrics competition at IEEE ICIP 2016, we organized VISOB 2.0 competition at IEEE WCCI 2020. The aim of VISOB 2.0 competition was to evaluate and compare the ...
  • Adjusting neutrino interaction models and evaluating uncertainties using NOvA near detector data 

    Acero, Mario A.; Adamson, Philip; Agam, G.; Meyer, Holger; Muether, Mathew; Solomey, Nickolas (EDP Sciences, 2020-12-04)
    The two-detector design of the NOvA neutrino oscillation experiment, in which two functionally identical detectors are exposed to an intense neutrino beam, aids in canceling leading order effects of cross-section uncertainties. ...
  • Airline Quality Rating 2021: The 31th year reporting airline performance 

    Bowen, Brent D.; Headley, Dean E. (Wichita State University, 2021-05)
    The Airline Quality Rating (AQR) was developed and first announced in early 1991 as an objective method for assessing airline quality on combined multiple performance criteria. This current report, the Airline Quality ...
  • Current progress of 4D-printing technology 

    Subeshan, Balakrishnan; Baddam, Yeshaswini; Asmatulu, Eylem (Springer Nature, 2021-04-14)
    The combination of smart materials to print a three-dimensional (3D) product has primarily driven the development of innovative technology, or four-dimensional (4D) printing. 3D-printing technology seems to have provided ...

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