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SOAR is the institutional repository of Wichita State University. The purpose of SOAR is to make the University's digital scholarship available to global audience and to serve as a reliable digital storage. SOAR has a dual function of a publication platform and a digital archive. University faculty and staff are invited to publish research works, data, or documents in SOAR. For information on SOAR services and collections, policies, submission, and workflows, visit SOAR libguide or contact: soar@wichita.edu.

Recent Submissions

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    SLA: A truly global organization
    (Japan Special Libraries Association, 2012-07) Mai, Brent Alan, 1964-
    In the article published in the Bulletin of Japanese Special Libraries' series on the internationalization of special libraries, the author discusses the functions, goals, and initiatives of the American Special Libraries Association.
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    Measuring for success
    (Special Libraries Association, 2012-09) Main, Brent Alan, 1964-
    In this editorial, Dr. Brent Mai, President of the Special Libraries Association, introduces the September-October issue of "Information Outlook" and SLA 2012 initiatives, which focus on professional development and membership diversification. He highlights that measuring one’s performance is instrumental in demonstrating success, both personally and professionally, and aligns with the Association's two core values related to measuring success: adding qualitative and quantitative value, and delivering measurable results.
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    Episode 23. Go Baby Go @ Wichita State
    (Wichita State University, 2024-04-10) Muma, Richard D.
    The “Forward Together” podcast celebrates the vision and mission of Wichita State University. In each episode, President Rick Muma will talk with guests from throughout Shocker Nation to highlight the people and priorities that guide WSU on its road to becoming an essential educational, cultural, and economic driver for Kansas and the greater good.
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    Internet resources for reference: International trade
    (Taylor & Francis, 1997) Mai, Brent Alan, 1964-
    The proliferation of international trade agreements serves as ample evidence of the importance of international trade in today's business environment. Countries and their companies have become more interrelated, and the opportunities for use of the Internet with its “no-boundaries” mindset have provided an excellent platform through which business information can be shared regardless of its original location. This article identifies a few of the thousands of Internet sites that can be helpful to the business reference librarian confronted with questions regarding international trade. The sites for the major trade agreements are listed along with a currency exchange calculator which can handle date-specific historical conversions.
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    Internet resources for reference: General business and company information
    (Taylor & Francis, 1997) Mai, Brent Alan, 1964-
    It did not take long for the business world to notice the potential marketing opportunities provided by the Internet. The number of businesses providing information via the Internet and those actually "doing business" over the Internet continues to grow at an outstanding rate. The business reference librarian is then faced with the challenge of providing knowledgeable access to these businesses and their information. This article outlines a few of the thousands of sites which are helpful in obtaining general business information and company-specific information. Also included are a couple sites helpful for answering questions about agribusiness and the programs of the Small Business Administration.

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    This collection includes the University's accreditation reports to the Higher Learning Commission and supportive evidence documentation.
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