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SOAR is the institutional repository of Wichita State University. Its primary purpose is to make the University’s digital scholarship available to a global audience and to serve as a reliable digital storage solution. SOAR functions dually as both a publication platform and a digital archive. University faculty and staff are encouraged to publish their research works, data, or documents in SOAR. For student submissions, a recommendation from their professors is required.

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    A novel Bayesian computational approach for bridge-randomized quantile regression in high dimensional models
    (Taylor and Francis Ltd., 2024) Zhang, Shen; Dao, Mai; Ye, Keying; Han, Zifei; Wang, Min
    A bridge-randomized penalization that employs a prior for the shrinkage parameter, as opposed to the conventional bridge penalization with a fixed penalty, often delivers more superior performance compared to many other traditional shrinkage methods. In this paper, we develop an efficient Bayesian computational algorithm via the two-block Markov Chain Monte Carlo method for the bridge-randomized penalization in quantile regression to perform inference in the high-dimensional "large-p" and "large-p-small-n" settings. To construct a fully Bayesian formulation, we utilize the asymmetric Laplace distribution as an auxiliary error distribution and the generalized Gaussian distribution prior for the regression coefficients. Simulation studies encompassing a wide range of scenarios indicate that the proposed method performs at least as well as, and often better than, other existing procedures in terms of both parameter estimation and variable selection. Finally, a real-data application is provided for illustrative purposes. © 2024 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.
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    125th then & now: groundbreaking
    (Wichita State University, 2021-09-08) Wichita State University
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    A brief history of the Volga Germans
    (Genealogical Forum of Oregon, 2009-09) Mai, Brent Alan, 1964-
    This article provides an overview of the history of the Volga Germans. In the 18th century, under the reign of Catherine the Great, thousands of Germans were invited to settle along the Volga River in Russia to help develop the region. Promised religious freedom, exemption from military service, and land, they established thriving agricultural communities. However, their autonomy was gradually eroded over time, particularly during periods of political upheaval such as the Russian Revolution and Stalinist repression. Many Volga Germans faced discrimination, forced labor, and deportation to Siberia during World War II due to suspicions of disloyalty. The community experienced further hardship during the collapse of the Soviet Union, leading to a mass exodus to Germany and other countries. Despite these challenges, the Volga Germans have preserved their unique cultural identity through language, traditions, and strong community ties, contributing to the rich tapestry of both Russian and German history.
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    Forward Together: A monthly newsletter, May 2024
    (Office of the President, 2023-05) Muma, Richard D.
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    Not all of our ancestors were saints: Origins of the Volga Germans
    (American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 2003) Mai, Brent Alan, 1964-; Reeves-Marquardt, Dona B.

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