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  • Saddling the whirlwind: exploring an organizational culture of a hybrid library 

    Matveyeva, Susan J.; Deyoe, Nancy (Maryville, MO : Northwest Missouri State University, c2006., 2006-11-03)
    How to cope with the whirlwind of changes with no additional staff or money? The small cataloging unit seeks the answer on this familiar question in its organizational culture that includes a “team” and “hierarchical” ...
  • Sam Taylor, Poetry Reading 

    Taylor, Sam (2012-07-27)
    Wichita State faculty member Sam Taylor reads his poetry.
  • Sarah Bagby, Watermark Books 

    Bagby, Sarah (2011-02-24)
    Books & Cafe in Wichita, KS, discusses the current state of book publishing and independent booksellers.
  • Sharing a project management experience: SOAR / DSpace upgrade and enhancement 

    Matveyeva, Susan J. (Kansas Library Association. College and University Library Section, 2010-10-15)
    This summer SOAR (Shocker Open Access Repository) was going through major upgrade and enhancement. The software system was upgraded from DSpace 1.4.2 to DSpace 1.6.2. A new Manakin XML UI was built for SOAR. Submission ...
  • Simplified dynamic map administration 

    Mallory, Erik; Deng, Sai; Deyoe, Nancy (Ex-Libris Southcentral Users Group (ELSUG) Meeting 2008, 2008-10-10)
    This presentation introduces the dynamic mapping version 2 at Wichita State University (WSU) Libraries. This Java-based new version added a map administration interface and stores shelving map images in an XML database. ...
  • SOAR Marketing 

    Matveyeva, Susan J. (2008-10-23)
    Presentation promoting SOAR to WSU faculty.
  • SOAR: Promotional brochure 

    Matveyeva, Susan J. (2008-08)
    Promotional brochure
  • Strange attractors and human interaction: Leading complex organizations through the use of metaphors 

    Gilstrap, Donald L. (University of Alberta, 2005)
    This article is intended to explore the theoretical background behind complexity science in management and leadership and provide ways to approach educational leadership research through the use of strange attractor ...
  • Technology, scholarship, culture: Trends in higher education and libraries 

    Forrest, Charles (Wichita State University Libraries, 2008-05-09)
    The 1st part of the seminar was devoted to the examination of the major cultural and environmental trends that shape higher education and create an image of a library as collaborative learning space.
  • Textual Portraits: Using Word Clouds as an Analysis Tool for Digitized Texts 

    Haren, Shonn (2015-02-28)
    Digital collections of textual material have become rich repositories for primary source materials. However, dense collections of digitized text can prove daunting to patrons seeking to access and analyze the documents ...
  • There's an App for That! Part I 

    Mallon, Melissa N. (Routledge, 2012-05-18)
    Useful smartphone apps for academic, public services librarians.
  • We've wordled: Have you? 

    Huisman, Rhonda K.; Miller, Willie; Trinoskey, Jessica (American Library Association, 2011)
    The article describes the use of the word-cloud generator, Wordle, by three subject librarians at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, in various aspects of library instruction and outreach.
  • Where we’ve been -- where we’re going: Virtual tour 

    Forrest, Charles (Wichita State University Libraries, 2008-05-09)
    The 2nd part of seminar was focused on historical evolution of libraries' buildings and interiors. During the impressive virtual tour, over 120 pictures of historical and contemporary libraries were presented. The following ...
  • Why do we teach? Adult learning theory in professional standards as a basis for curriculum development 

    Gilstrap, Donald L. (American Library Association, 2013-09)
    This article provides an overview of adult learning theory in relation to teaching philosophies among librarians belonging to ACRL, using Hadley’s Educational Orientation Questionnaire. Although not significant as a ...
  • Wichita State University Virtual Herbarium: Filling a critical gap 

    Jameson, Mary Liz; Matveyeva, Susan J.; Russell, F. Leland; Deng, Sai; Scott, Stephen (Kansas State University. Great Plains Plant Systematics Symposium, 2010-10-08)
    The Wichita State University (WSU) Herbarium is an active, regional collection with data that fill an important geographical gap in the Great Plains region. Specimens and associated data are essential in the management ...
  • Wichita State University’s implementation of dynamic mapping in WebVoyage 

    Deyoe, Nancy; Deng, Sai; Mallory, Erik (SCVUGM (South Central Voyager User Group Meeting) 2007, 2007-10-19)
    In this session, presenters from Wichita State University will discuss their implementation of dynamic library location maps in WebVoyage. This feature provides customized map displays in the online public access catalog. ...
  • XML and better Web searching 

    Jackson, J.; Gilstrap, Donald L. (Emerald Publishing Group, 1999)
    This article addresses the implications of the new Web meta-language XML for World Wide Web searching. Compared to HTML, XML is more concerned with structure of data than documents. These XML data structures, especially ...
  • You want me to select for WHAT: Getting started in a new subject area 

    Williams, Virginia Kay (Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, 2009-12-02)
    Librarians are often assigned collection development responsibilities in unfamiliar subject areas, then struggle to learn about new subjects, assess local needs, and identify major publishers. Even experienced selectors ...
  • Возможность нации-государства в России: попытка либеральной интерпретации 

    Matveyeva, Susan J. (The Journal "POLIS": Political Studies, 1996-01)
    The possibility of "nation-state" in post-Soviet Russia and its connection to the development of conservative-liberal consensus about Russian cultural identity.
  • Гуманизм как элемент культуры 

    Akhiezer, Aleksandr Samoilovich; Matveyeva, Susan J. (Moscow: Russian Academy of Sciences, 1990-02)