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  • On the Trail(s) with Lewis and Clark: Native American Beliefs Revealed 

    Blakeslee, Donald J. (Wichita State University Libraries, 2008-02-21)
    The incredible journey of the Corps of Discovery led by Lewis and Clark generated a gold mine of information for the anthropologist and historian. Most of the information lies in their journals, but there are some wonderful ...
  • OPAC redesign at WSU Libraries 

    Li, Hongfei; Deng, Sai (Kansas Library Association Tri-Conference, 2007-03-13)
    This program presents the OPAC enhancements especially two pioneer features developed by the WSU Libraries, dynamic map direction for each item on OPAC, and a link to added to provide users with access to each ...
  • Optimized metadata repurposing in a library using MarcEdit 

    Deng, Sai (ALCTS Catalog Form and Function Interest Group Meeting, ALA Midwinter 2009, 2009-01-24)
    At WSU Libraries, Special Collections and Technical Services had been creating in-house inventories in Excel and MARC records in OCLC separately for their projects, including for a collection of 1800 poems by American poet ...
  • Optimizing the online catalog: experiences at WSU 

    Blackburn, Gemma; Deng, Sai (College and Universities Libraries Section of the Kansas Library Association Annual Meeting, 2008-10-23)
    In February 2008 the OPAC Redesign and Evaluation Team at Wichita State University Libraries was charged to investigate options to improve the online catalog to provide better access for all library users. This presentation ...
  • Paul Dickey, Poet 

    Dickey, Paul (2011-10-26)
    Paul Dickey, poet from Omaha, Neb. and WSU alumnus, reads new and published poetry (from "They Say This is How Death Came Into the World").
  • Peter Barnes and the nature of authority 

    Golomb, Liorah Anne (Ottawa National Library of Canada = Bibliothèque nationale du Canada,[1999], 1998)
    Peter Barnes (1931-2004) was among the most theatrically-minded playwrights of the contemporary non-musical stage in England. His work makes use of virtually every element of theatre: spectacle, music, dance, heightened ...
  • Phenomenological reduction and emergent design: Complementary methods for leadership narrative interpretation and metanarrative development 

    Gilstrap, Donald L. (International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, 2007-03)
    The author's intent in this paper is to discuss new methods for conducting research on and connecting the works of chaos and complexity theorists with interpretive, hermeneutical, and phenomenological theorists as a ...
  • Preferred political, social, and technological characteristics of electronic resources (ER) librarians 

    Downes, Kathy A.; Rao, Pal V. (Taylor & Francis, 2007)
    The digital revolution has created a need for a new type of professional called the electronic resources (ER) librarian. This chapter traces the development of this new position in academic libraries, identifies preferred ...
  • Progress report FY2012 

    Wichita State University Libraries (Wichita State University Libraries, 2012)
  • Progress report FY2013 

    Wichita State University Libraries (Wichita State University Libraries, 2013)
  • Progress report FY2014 

    Wichita State University Libraries (Wichita State University Libraries, 2014)
  • Project based learning: Faculty and librarian partners in pedagogy 

    Huisman, Rhonda K. (2013-03-18)
    This [poster]session will define Project-Based Learning (PBL), including the methodology, structure, resources, and ideas for collaboration between teachers, faculty and librarians. Project-Based Learning provides for ...
  • Promoting Library Advocacy, Diversity, Family Literacy, and Global Outreach 

    Chou, Min; Lee, Esther; Tseng, Sally; Deng, Sai (ALA (American Library Association) Annual Conference 2011., 2011-06-25)
    The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) is an ALA affiliate. In the 2011 Poster Session at the Diversity and Outreach Fair, CALA will showcase its mission, programs and services to diverse people of all ages, ...
  • Purveying Patriotic Pageantry: The Civil War Sanitary Fairs in New York 

    Madway, Lorraine (The New York State Historical Association, 2012)
    This article examines the five Civil War sanitary fairs that took place in New York State from December 1863 to April 1864. More fairs were held in New York than any other state, not surprising since it was the largest, ...
  • Quantitative research methods in chaos and complexity: from probability to post hoc regression analyses 

    Gilstrap, Donald L. (University of Alberta, 2013)
    In addition to qualitative methods presented in chaos and complexity theories in educational research, this article addresses quantitative methods that may show potential for future research studies. Although much in the ...
  • RDA Training I: A Gentle Introduction 

    Deng, Sai (Wichita State University Libraries, 2011-05-17)
    This presentation gives a gentle introduction to the new cataloging standard “Resource Description and Access” (RDA). It starts from the conceptual models and principles RDA is built on and the rationale to switch from ...
  • Reaching youth through diverse collections 

    Williams, Virginia Kay; Deyoe, Nancy (2012-09-21)
    Do our collections reflect the diverse youth we serve? We present the preliminary results of a nationwide assessment on how collections reflect experiences of youth of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and ...
  • A regression model of predictor variables on critical reflection in the classroom: Integration of the Critical Incident Questionnaire and the Framework for Reflective Thinking 

    Gilstrap, Donald L.; Dupree, Jason (Elsevier Publishing, 2008-11)
    This research study investigates the influence of independent variables on students’ critical reflection scores in a library instruction program. A student sample (n= 321), enrolled in English Composition II courses, ...
  • Repository services for students, faculty, and research administration 

    Matveyeva, Susan J. (Kansas Library Association, 2012-04-12)
    Institutional repository services are a fast growing new academic library service. Unlike other library services focused on delivering information created elsewhere, institutional repository services concentrate on collecting, ...
  • Resolved: A Chronicle of Technical Services (2006) 

    Deyoe, Nancy (2006-11-27)
    The news reports of Technical Services