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  • The effect of labor pain relief medication on neonatal suckling and breastfeeding duration 

    Riordan, Janice M.; Gross, Aimee; Angeron, Judy; Krumwiede, Becky; Melin, Jeri (Sage Publications, 2000-02)
    We examined the relationship of labor pain relief medications with neonatal suckling and breastfeeding duration in 129 mothers delivering vaginally. Suckling was measured using the Infant Breastfeeding Assessment Tool ...
  • Indicators of effective breastfeeding and estimates of breast milk intake 

    Riordan, Janice M.; Gill-Hopple, Kathleen; Angeron, Judy (Sage Publications, 2005-11)
    The authors tested indicators of effective breastfeeding to identify those that provide reliable estimates of human milk intake. Human milk intake of 82 full-term infants was measured by test weights before and after feeding ...