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  • Ultrastructure of murine trisomy 1 optic cup 

    Smith, Barbara S.; Walker, N. J. (John Wiley & Sons, 1990-11)
    The optic cups of two gestational day 11 trisomy (ts) 1 mouse embryos and a normal littermate control were examined using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). One trisomic embryo had a small lens with a lens stalk; the ...
  • Understanding anticipatory nausea 

    Eckert, Ruth M. (Oncology Nursing Society, 2001-11)
    To address the concept of anticipatory nausea within the theoretical framework of classical conditioning.
  • Understanding genetic testing in primary care 

    Seiler, Brittany (Wichita State University, 2016-04-29)
    As genetic tests are expanding, primary care providers have an increasing need to integrate tests into their practice. The purpose of this project is to offer an evidence-based clinical review, regarding types of genetic ...
  • An unusual case of otitis media 

    Hull, Raymond H. (American Academy of Audiology, 2005-09)
    This case report of bilateral otitis media in a 39-year-old woman secondary to Wegener's Granulomatosis highlights, for the audiologist, the importance of being aware of some of the less common etiologies of middle ear ...
  • Update on adult immunizations 

    Donnelly, Richard E.; Davis, Richard H.; Leger, Marie-Michele; Muma, Richard D.; Taft, James M.; Toth, Sarah A. (Haymarket Media, 2001-07)
  • Urinary incontinence and pelvic floor strengthening education in collegiate dancers 

    Ellis, Sara; Andrews, Tarryn; Richard, Taci; Sisneros, Taylor (Wichita State University, 2016-04-29)
    The purpose of this pilot study was to test the efficacy of an educational exercise program for treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Participants completed a pre-survey to determine the presence and severity of ...
  • Usability testing of a fall prevention toolkit 

    Keuter, Kayla R.; Berg, Gina M.; Hervey, Ashley Marie; Rogers, Nicole L. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2015-05)
    Objectives: This study sought to evaluate a fall prevention toolkit, determine its ease of use and user satisfaction, and determine the preferred venue of distribution. Methods: Three forms of assessment were used: ...
  • Use of a Commercially Available Gaming System Console to Improve Functional Fitness in Older Adults: Nintendo Wii Active 

    Stutz, Trevor; Denning, Michael; Cary, David; Phillipson, Alison (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2011-05-04)
    To determine if the Wii Active exergame can improve older adults functional fitness (FF) and balance, compared to a Wii Fit exergame program, traditional exercise program (TRAD), and control group (CON). Interventions were ...
  • Use of covered services in Medicare home health care 

    Swan, James H.; Black, Linda B.; Benjamin, A. E.; Fox, P. (Routledge, 1995)
    Using data on 295 patients entering Medicare home health care at discharge from Medicare hospital stays, we explain receipt of Medicare home health nursing, PT and OT visits, and length of stay. Care reflected need, but ...
  • Use of erythropoietin for treating anemia of chronic kidney disease in a hospitalized pediatric population: MUE 

    Dowis, Sileen; Finkeldei, Leah (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2012-04-18)
    Background: Patients with anemia of chronic kidney disease (CKD) lack the ability to produce erythropoietin causing a deficiency of red blood cells. Erythropoietin-stimulating agents (ESAs) are recommended by the National ...
  • Use of Mintzberg's model of managerial roles as a framework to describe a population of academic health profession administrators 

    Muma, Richard D. (University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2004-03)
    This research study used both quantitative and qualitative methods to measure physician assistant (PA) department chair administrative activities compared to Mintzberg's model of managerial roles (Mintzberg, 1973). The ...
  • Use of Mintzberg’s model of managerial roles to evaluate academic administrators 

    Muma, Richard D.; Smith, Barbara S.; Somers, Patricia A. (Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions, 2006)
    Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to measure the administrative activities of physician assistant (PA) department chairpersons as compared with Henry Mintzberg's model of managerial roles. The use of Mintzberg's ...
  • Use of text messaging to motivate exercise in latinos with one or more atherosclerotic risk factors: two pilot studies 

    Collins, Tracie C.; Dong, Fandong; Ablah, Elizabeth; Parra-Medina, Deborah; Cupertino, Paula; Rogers, Nicole L.; Ahlers-Schmidt, Carolyn R. (© Springer, 2014-04)
    BACKGROUND: Text messaging offers an innovative approach to motivate behavior change and improve control of atherosclerotic risk factors in adult Latinos. We conducted two pilot studies: 1) to determine cell phone and ...
  • Use of videotaped interventions in research 

    Steinke, Elaine E. (Sage Publications, 2001-10)
    Evaluating conceptual and methodological issues are important considerations when developing a videotape for research intervention. The process of developing a videotape for research involves several critical steps to ...
  • Using ipad games to observe executive functioning strategies in typical adults 

    Roberts, Nicole (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2013-05-08)
    Limited empirical evidence is available for the use of iPads in speech and language therapy. To exercise evidence based methods in clinical practice, the study sought to investigate how users of the iPad integrate planning, ...
  • Using key informant methods in organizational survey research: assessing for informant bias 

    Hughes, Linda C.; Preski, Sally (John Wiley & Sons, 1997-02)
    Specification of variables that reflect organizational processes can add an important dimension to the investigation of outcomes. However, many contextual variables are conceptualized at a macro unit of analysis and may ...
  • Using Malcolm Baldrige criteria to enhance organizational performance 

    Cohen, Peter A.; Eckert, Ruth M.; Fox, Charles R.; Muma, Richard D.; Black, Linda B. (Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions, 2004-10)
  • Using self-assessed health to predict patient outcomes after total knee replacement 

    Long, Michael J.; McQueen, David A.; Bangalore, Vinay G; Schurman, John R. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkin, 2005-05)
    Self-assessed health status has been shown to be a powerful predictor of mortality, service use, and total cost of medical care treatment. We investigated the potential for self-assessed health to further serve as a predictor ...
  • Utilization of mid-level providers in trauma centers: a national survey 

    Helten, Amy M.; Johnston, Angela D.; Nyberg, Sue M.; Berg, Gina M. (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2006-04-25)
    The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education recently implemented standards which limits hours worked by resident physicians to no more than 80 hours per week. As a result of these limitations, teaching ...
  • Utilizing a logarithmic regression to identify thresholds 

    Wyatt, Frank; McCarthy, Jason P.; Robergs, Robert; Faria, E.W.; Siegler, Jason; Manske, Robert C.; Neason, M.V. (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2003)