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  • PACKRAT: a predictor of success on the PANCE 

    Wilson, Derek E. (Wichita State University, Dept. of Physician Assistant, 2006-05)
    The ultimate goal for physician assistant programs is to provide the right amount of education and clinical experience for preparation of their students for clinical practice. In addition, programs must adequately prepare ...
  • Pain, disability, and pain/disability relationships in seven rheumatic disorders: a study of 1,522 patients 

    Hawley, Donna J.; Wolfe, Frederick (Journal of Rheumatology Publishing, 1991-10)
    We studied the pain, Stanford Health Assessment Questionnaire functional disability, pain/disability ratio, and psychological scores in 1,522 patients with rheumatic disease with 7 distinct disorders. Individual differences ...
  • Palliative care: A comparison of knowledge between physician assistant and family nurse practitioner students 

    Perkins, Marcus T.; Lear, Levi B.; Davis, Jill M.; Jian, Sarah E. (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2014-04-25)
    Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life for patients who face life-limiting illness, but adequate training provided to physician assistant (PA) students remains uncertain. The purpose of this study was to assess ...
  • Parent health literacy and adherence-related outcomes in children with epilepsy 

    Paschal, Angelia M.; Mitchell, Qshequilla P.; Wilroy, Jereme D.; Hawley, Suzanne R.; Mitchell, Jermaine B. (Elsevier B.V., 2016-03)
    Background: The relationship between parent health literacy and adherence to treatment in children with epilepsy has not been fully explored. The purpose of this study was to determine whether parent health literacy and ...
  • Patient #1 

    Matney, J. (PennWell Corporation, 1991-01)
  • Patient #2. NSAIDs 

    Matney, J. (PennWell Corporation, 1990-04)
  • Patient education concepts 

    Muma, Richard D. (W.B. Saunders, 2002)
  • Patient education: a practical approach 

    Muma, Richard D.; Lyons, Barbara Ann (Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2012)
    Patient Education: A Practical Approach, Second Edition offers students and practitioners a straightforward approach to patient education combined with tools and resources for use in clinical settings. With pedagogical ...
  • Patient education: a practical approach 

    Muma, Richard D. (Appleton & Lange, 1996)
    1st ed.
  • Patient-provider communication 

    Mude, Jamie L.; Simon, Kouri (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2012-04-18)
    A study was conducted addressing the document Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient-and-Family-Centered Care: A Roadmap for Hospitals, which was developed by JCAHO (Joint Commission on ...
  • Pattern of age-associated decline of static and dynamic balance in community-dwelling older women 

    Takeshima, Nobuo; Islam, Mohammod M.; Rogers, Michael E.; Koizumi, Daisuke; Tomiyama, Naoki; Narita, Makoto; Rogers, Nicole L. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2014-07)
    Aim Falling is the leading cause of injury-related deaths in older adults, and a loss of balance is often the precursor to a fall. However, little is known about the rate at which balance declines with age. The objective ...
  • Pectoralis major tendon repair post surgical rehabilitation 

    Manske, Robert C.; Prohaska, Daniel (Sports Physical Therapy Section, APTA, 2007-02)
    Pectoralis major tendon rupture is a rare shoulder injury, most commonly seen in weight lifters. This injury is being seen more regularly due to the increased emphasis on healthy lifestyles. Surgical repair of the ...
  • Pediatric adverse drug event occurrence in a community hospital 

    Mosiman, Wendy L. (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2010-04-23)
    Hospitalized children are at greater risk for adverse drug events (ADEs) due to varying size, development and lack of pediatric specific dosing.The project determined ADE rate for40 randomly selected pediatric hospitalized ...
  • Peer review of teachers: are they useful? 

    Maeda, Masako; Sechtem, Phillip R.; Scudder, Rosalind Regier (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2009-05-01)
    Peer reviews of teachers are formal evaluations of faculty members performed by colleagues and peers in their college or university for promotion, tenure, and salary adjustment purposes. They are also used for development ...
  • Perception about concussions in the Missouri Valley Conference 

    Eckenrode, Lindsey (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2012-04-18)
    The purpose of this project was to survey student athletes, athletic trainers, and coaches in the Missouri Valley Conference to determine their respective understanding of concussions, to assess how athletic trainers and ...
  • The perception of U.S. physician assistants (PA) regarding PA to physician bridge programs -- Restricted access to full text 

    Phipps, Brandon; Vredenburg, Shawn (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2012-04-18)
    The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of PAs on the creation of a PA to physician bridge program; whether they would support a bridge program, its feasibility, or generally whether or not bridge programs ...
  • Perceptions of intimate relationships in partners before and after a patient's myocardial infarction 

    Fransson, Eleonor I.; Arenhall, Eva; Steinke, Elaine E.; Fridlund, Bengt G. A.; Nilsson, Ulrica G. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2014-08)
    Aims and objectives. To describe and explore how partners rate their intimate relationship before and after the patients' first myocardial infarction. A further aim was to investigate the association between partners' ...
  • The perceptions of physician assistants regarding doctorate level PA education 

    Ohlemeier, Lindsay S.; Muma, Richard D. (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2008-04-25)
    Many mid-level health care professions have implemented the clinical doctorate. The physician assistant (PA) profession has not implemented doctoral-level education. This cross - sectional study was designed to determine ...
  • Perceptions of U.S. PAs regarding the entry-level doctoral degree 

    Ohlemeier, Lindsay S. (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2008-05)
    Although many health care professions have implemented the entry-level clinical doctorate, the physician assistant (PA) profession has not done so to date. Furthermore, no research has been done on the PA profession to ...
  • Perceptions of U.S. Physician Assistants (PAs) regarding implementation of a specialty certification 

    Montoya, Cassandra L.; Pettijohn, Amanda K. (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2011-05-04)
    The purpose of this study was to obtain opinions from practicing PAs concerning their knowledge about specialty certification and perceptions about its impact on their practice. This cross-sectional study involved a survey ...