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  • Climate zones and the influence on industrial nonprocess energy consumption 

    Bawaneh, Khaled; Overcash, Michael; Twomey, Janet M. (American Institute of Physics, 2011)
    This paper begins with the recognition that climate zones influence nonprocess energy use in industrial buildings. Nonprocess energies are heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation. Nonprocess energy data have been ...
  • Estimating nonprocess energy from building energy consumption 

    Overcash, Michael; Bawaneh, Khaled; Twomey, Janet M. (Springer, 2013-02)
    From this research, an important technique for estimating the nonprocess energy (also known as overhead energy) in industrial and manufacturing buildings was examined. The building energy data for six industrial facilities ...
  • Industrial facilities non-process energy 

    Bawaneh, Khaled; Overcash, Michael; Twomey, Janet M. (Taylor & Francis Inc, 2014-04-18)
    In this study, published information on non-process energy use, which includes lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, humidity control, and particulate control, for industrial buildings has been analyzed and compiled and ...