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  • Ten weeks of branched-chain amino acid supplementation improves select performance and immunological variables in trained cyclists 

    Kephart, Wesley C.; Wachs, Taylor D.; Mac, Thompson, R.; Mobley, C. Brooks; Fox, Carlton D.; McDonald, James R.; Ferguson, Brian S.; Young, Kaelin C.; Nie, Ben; Martin, Jeffrey S.; Company, Joseph M.; Pascoe, David D.; Arnold, Robert D.; Moon, Jordan R.; Roberts, Michael D. (Springer Vienna, 2016-03)
    We examined if supplementing trained cyclists (32 +/- A 2 year, 77.8 +/- A 2.6 kg, and 7.4 +/- A 1.2 year training) with 12 g/day (6 g/day l-Leucine, 2 g/day l-Isoleucine and 4 g/day l-Valine) of either branched-chain amino ...
  • Training to reduce postural sway and increase functional reach in the elderly 

    Rogers, Michael E.; Fernandez, Jeffrey E.; Bohlken, Ruth M. (Springer New York, 2001-12)
    Poor balance is one of the most common risk factors for falling, a common cause of work-related injury and death. To evaluate the effects of a 10-week intervention program on balance in older adults, 12 participants aged ...
  • Validity of ultrasound prediction equations for total and regional muscularity in middle-aged and older men and women 

    Abe, Takashi; Loenneke, Jeremy P.; Young, Kaelin C.; Thiebaud, Robert S.; Nahar, Vinayak K.; Hollaway, Kaitlyn M.; Stover, Caitlin D.; Ford, M. Allison; Bass, Martha A.; Loftin, Mark (Elsevier Science Inc., 2015-02)
    To test the validity of published equations, 79 Caucasian adults (40 men and 39 women) aged 50-78 y had muscle thickness (MT) measured by ultrasound at nine sites of the body. Fat-free mass (FFM), lean soft tissue mass ...