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  • Energy storage in a motor 

    Doffing, John E. (Wichita State University, Dec-14)
    Energy storage can be used to fill gaps when energy production systems of a variable or cyclical nature such as renewable energy sources are offline. This thesis research is the study of an energy storage device using high ...
  • Demand response potential in aggregated houses using GridLAB-D 

    Hanumantha Vajjala, Vivek Abhilash (Wichita State University, Dec-14)
    Electrical power consumption or demand varies very significantly from region to region. There are various factors which affect the demand for a particular location; higher the electrical demand higher is the wholesale ...
  • Innovation in software defined networking and throughput optimum scheduling algorithm 

    Khan, Fahad Naeem (Wichita State University, Dec-14)
    The networking industry, which has not undergone a substantial change within the past 20 or so years, is being disrupted by a technology known as Software Defined Networks (SDN). Even though SDN has taken the networking ...
  • A novel spoofing detection methodology using acoustics and liveness monitoring system 

    Mummidi, Abhishek (Wichita State University, Dec-14)
    Standard networking protocols can be very vulnerable to spoofing attacks when extra precautions are not taken by applications to verify the identity. There are several ways to spoof the facial recognition using photograph, ...
  • Optimal control of distribution system in the presence of distributed generators 

    Moayedi, Sam (Wichita State University, Dec-14)
    There have been many studies on large-scale systems to reduce the dimension of power distribution networks to decrease the time of the simulation and analysis. Most of these attempts cannot satisfy the final goal because ...
  • Multi-sensor-based fault detection and classification method for radial power distribution systems 

    Wang, Nan (Wichita State University, Dec-14)
    A novel multi-sensor-based method to detect and classify short circuit faults in radial power distribution systems, including the effects of regulators and distribution transformers, is proposed in this work. This new ...
  • Distributed throughput optimal scheduling for wireless networks 

    Xia, Shuang (Wichita State University, Dec-14)
    Recent advancement in distributed scheduling algorithms mainly focuses on designing CSMA-type protocols to achieve maximum network throughput in a fully distributive manner. However, it is inherently difficult for distributed ...
  • Analysis of synchronization in mobile sensor networks using time-varying poles 

    Vuppuluri, Gangadhar (Wichita State University, Dec-14)
    Time Synchronization is an important feature in mobile sensor networks since it leads to more efficient data fusion, more efficient power saving schemes and more efficient access of the communication medium. The objective ...
  • On Schwarz canonical form for large system simplification 

    Lal, M.; Mitra, R.; Jain, A. (IEEE, 1975-04-01)
    Recently a new technique for the reduction of a large-order dynamical system, using Schwarz canonical form, has been proposed [1]. It is presently shown that the above is essentially a frequency domain technique for which ...
  • Identification of nonlinear systems in frequency domain 

    Shanmugam, K. Sam; Jong, Mark T. (IEEE, 1975-11-01)
    A frequency domain technique for identifying a class of nonlinear systems is presented. The class of nonlinear systems we consider in this paper consists of a power series nonlinearity sandwiched between two linear systems ...
  • Experimental results of the remote sensing of sea-surface salinity at 21-cm wavelength 

    Thomann, Gary C. (IEEE, 1976-07-01)
    The complex dielectric constant of sea water is a function of salinity at 21-cm wavelength, and sea-water salinity can be determined by a measurement of radiometric temperature at 21 cm along with a measurement of thermodynamic ...
  • Authors' reply 

    Lal, M.; Mitra, R. (IEEE, 1976-08-01)
  • An algorithm for the two dimensional FFT 

    Hoyer, E.A.; Berry, W. (IEEE, 1977-05-01)
    Conventional two dimensional fast Fourier transforms become very slow if the size of the matrix becomes too large to be contained in memory. This is due to the transposition of the matrix that is required. This new algorithm ...
  • The zoom FFT using complex modulation 

    Hoyer, E.A.; Stork, R. (IEEE, 1977-05-01)
    A recent paper by Yip discussed the zoom transform as derived from the defining equation of the FFT. This paper simplifies the concepts and removes some of the restrictions assumed by Yip; ie., the total number of points ...
  • Two-dimensional zoom FFT 

    Stork, R.; Hoyer, E.A. (IEEE, 1978-04-01)
    The concept of the zoom FFT (a more efficient algorithm which allows zooming in on a narrow segment of the spectrum while preserving its frequency content) is extended to the two-dimensional case. The technique is further ...
  • An optimal frequency domain filter for edge detection in digital pictures 

    Shanmugam, K. Sam; Dickey, Fred M.; Green, James A. (IEEE, 1979-01-01)
    Edge detection and enhancement are widely used in image processing applications. In this paper we consider the problem of optimizing spatial frequency domain filters for detecting edges in digital pictures. The filter is ...
  • Optimal control systems with low sensitivity to small time delays 

    Sawan, M. Edwin; Cruz, J. B. (IEEE, 1979-12-01)
    The problem of reducing trajectory sensitivity to small time delays is considered. State and output feedback gains are computed, so that the system performs optimally with low sensitivity. The delay is assumed to be expected ...
  • A digital quarter square multiplier 

    Johnson, Everett L. (IEEE, 1980-03)
    An application of the quarter square multiplication technique used in analog computing is proposed for digital multiplication. Significant savings in storage requirements for ROM- implemented product tables are demonstrated. ...
  • On the eigenvalue placement of discrete-time systems with slow and fast modes 

    Shah, Dipak C.; Sawan, M. Edwin; Tran, Minh T. (IEEE, 1984-06-06)
    Linear shift invariant discrete-time systems with slow and fast modes are considered. Singular perturbation techniques are used to obtain the slow subsystem and the fast subsystem. A reduced-order control is designed for ...
  • Decoupling of large scale systems 

    Shah, Dipak C.; Sawan, M. Edwin; Tran, Minh T. (IEEE, 1984-06-06)
    Linear shift invariant large scale discrete-time multivariable systems whose inputs and outputs are strongly interacted, are considered. The designing of compensators to decouple these systems is presented.