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  • MMSE-based optimal design of full-duplex relay system 

    Lee, Kanghee; Kwon, Hyuck M.; Jo, Mansik; Park, Hyuncheol; Lee, Yong H. (IEEE, 2012-09)
    This paper studies minimum mean square error (MMSE)-based full-duplex relay processing matrices and source/destination beamforming vectors under perfect channel state information by imposing constraints on the transmit ...
  • On Schwarz canonical form for large system simplification 

    Lal, M.; Mitra, R.; Jain, A. (IEEE, 1975-04-01)
    Recently a new technique for the reduction of a large-order dynamical system, using Schwarz canonical form, has been proposed [1]. It is presently shown that the above is essentially a frequency domain technique for which ...
  • Two-level MMSE relay strategy for an AF wireless relay network 

    Lee, Kanghee; Kwon, Hyuck M.; Xiong, Wenhao; Kim, Hyunggi; Feng, Shuang; Park, Hyuncheol; Lee, Yong H. (IEEE, 2012-10-01)
    This paper presents optimal amplify-and-forward (AF) relay amplifying matrices based on the minimum mean square error (MMSE) criterion for a cooperative AF wireless relay network consisting of a one-source-one-destination ...