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  • Magnetic properties of Ni-Co-Cr-base Elgiloy 

    Ho, J. C.; Shellock, FG. (Springer, 1999-09-01)
    The Ni-Co-Cr-base Elgiloy is one of the commonly used engineering materials. Most applications rely on its high strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and excellent fatigue life over a wide temperature range. However, ...
  • Structure and magnetic properties of sputtered thin films of Fe0.79Ge0.21 

    Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Oliver, S. A.; Fultz, B.; Gao, Z. Q. (IEEE, 1993-10-01)
    Films of Fe0.79Ge0.21 with thicknesses of 300 nm were synthesized by ion beam sputtering, and were annealed at temperatures from 200 to 550°C. The materials were characterized by x-ray diffractometry, Mössbauer spectrometry, ...
  • Magnetic properties of partially-inverted zinc ferrite aerogel powders 

    Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Ho, J. C.; Oliver, S. A.; Willey, R. J.; Oliveri, G.; Busca, G. (IEEE, 1997-02-01)
    Fine powders of ZnFe2O4 with an average particle size of 10 nm and inversion parameter of 0.21 were synthesized by the aerogel procedure. Portions of the powders were calcined in air at 500 and 800?°C and other portions ...
  • Magnetic properties of Zn Mg ferrite fine powders (abstract) 

    Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Ho, J. C.; Oliver, S. A.; Willey, R. J.; OShea, M. J. (IEEE, 1996-04-01)
    Several fine powder samples of ZnxMg1-xFe2O4, 0=x=1, were prepared by the supercritical sol-gel (aerogel) process, and were annealed at 500?°C for 2 h. The structure, crystallite size and inversion parameter were determined ...
  • Low-temperature heat capacities of silicon carbide 

    Lin, G. J.; Ho, J. C.; Dandekar, D. P. (IEEE, 1987-01-01)
    Temperature dependence of heat capacity data between 4 and 12 K can be represented by a single term, ßT3, associated with lattice vibrations. The coefficient ß corresponds to a large Debye temperature of 990 K consistent ...
  • Low temperature heat capacities of Ti3Al1.1C1.8, Ti4AlN3, and Ti3SiC2 

    Ho, J. C.; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Barsoum, M. W.; El-Raghy, T. (IEEE, 1999-10-01)
    For the binary Ti Al system, an ordering transformation in Ti3Al has been shown to result in a significant lowering of the electronic heat-capacity coefficient, ?, by removing electrons from conducting states. When ? is ...
  • Low-temperature heat capacities of Ni3Al 

    Ho, J. C.; Liang, Royce C.; Dandekar, D. P. (IEEE, 1986-02-01)
    Heat capacities of two single-crystal Ni3Al samples have been measured between 2 and 14 K. The data can be well fitted to the sum of a lattice and an electronic term, without a magnetic cluster contribution as previously ...
  • Mössbauer spectrometry study of magnesioferrite particles 

    Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Xia, Z.; Foehrweiser, R.; McCormick, B. J.; Willey, R. J.; Busca, G. (IEEE, 1994-07-01)
    Fine particles of ferrimagnetic MgFe2O4 were synthesized through a sol-gel supercritical drying procedure, then cold-pressed and heated at 500 and 800?°C. These materials were characterized by Mössbauer spectrometry in the ...
  • Mossbauer characterization of non-equilibrium zinc ferrites 

    Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Oliver, S. A. (IEEE, 1997-04-01)
  • Low temperature heat capacity of Ti3SiC2 

    Ho, J. C.; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Barsoum, M. W.; El-Raghy, T. (IEEE, 1999-06-01)
    Calorimetric measurements between 2 and 10 K have been made on Ti3SiC2. The molar heat capacity, c, data can be fitted to the sum of an electronic and a lattice contribution: c=?T+ßT3. The ß value of 0.049 mJ/mol?K4 yields ...
  • Mössbauer evaluation of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by forced hydrolysis 

    Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Hikal, W. M.; Taher, S. M.; Ho, J. C.; Thuy, N. P; Quy, O. K.; Hanh, N. (IEEE, 2005-03-01)
    Spinel cobalt ferrite in the form of nearly spherical particles, having a narrow range of particle size around 7.6 nm, was produced by forced hydrolysis. Between the magnetization blocking temperature of 180 K and the ...
  • Temperature dependent lattice distortion in aerogel-produced Fe Mo oxides 

    Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Al-Ghanem, Hussain; Folkerts, T. J.; Eltabey, M. M.; Ho, J. C.; Willey, R. J. (IEEE, 2008-06-01)
    Mössbauer studies have been made to evaluate the temperature dependence of lattice distortion in two aerogel-synthesized iron-molybdenum oxides having different atomic ratios Fe:Mo=1:1 and 2:3, but both with a ß-FeMoO4 ...
  • Mössbauer studies of melt-spun Pr2Fe14B ribbons 

    Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Zhang, X.; Ho, J. C.; Chang, W. C.; Chang, H. W.; Liou, Y. S. (IEEE, 2001-08-01)
    Melt-spun ribbons of tetragonal Pr2Fe14B exhibit favorable hard magnet characteristics. Technically relevant materials based on this compound, however, generally contain a certain amount of soft magnetic a-Fe or Fe3-xBx ...
  • Uniformity of limits in the calculation of the magnetization of the Heisenberg linear chain 

    Unruh, Henry (IEEE, 1971-03-01)
    By making use of the Bogliubov inequality, a formula is derived which gives an upper limit to the magnetization of a linear chain of arbitrary length and which is subject to the Heisenberg Hamiltonian. It is found that the ...
  • The magnetic vector potential, Klein-Gordon equation and Klein’s paradox in relativistic quantum mechanics 

    Schaffer, David L. (2007-05)
    This thesis evaluates solutions to the Klein-Gordon equation with scalar and vector potentials in the Symmetric and Landau gauges. The solution for the Klein-Gordon equation in the Symmetric gauge does reproduce elements ...
  • Calculation of quantum entanglement using a genetic algorithm 

    Lesniak, Joseph (2007-05)
    Quantum entanglement is a multifaceted property that has attracted much attention, since it is used as the basis for such applications as quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, and quantum computing. The calculation ...
  • Effective medium theory and Rosseland mean opacity 

    Penley, Jonathan Jay (2005-12)
    As a gas cools the mean opacity becomes dominated by the opacity of molecules and at low temperatures solid dust grains. Accurately computing the opacity is necessary to accurately compute the transfer of radiation through ...
  • Magnetic susceptibility analysis of conducting polymers 

    Ayesh, Stefania; Kahol, Pawan K. (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2005-04-22)

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