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  • Isotropic covariance matrix polynomials on spheres 

    Ma, Chunsheng (Taylor & Francis Group, 2016)
    This article characterizes the covariance matrix function of a Gaussian or elliptically contoured vector random field that is stationary, isotropic, and mean square continuous on the sphere. By applying the characterization ...
  • Construction industrial multivariate statistical analysis based on real estate market in USA 

    Wang, Lei (Wichita State University, 2016-04-29)
    This project mainly focus on how the land market value, in terms of GDP, CPI, construction cost index and unemployment rate, inflation rate, population and purchasing manage index, enables a relationship with the real ...
  • Stochastic representations of isotropic vector random fields on spheres 

    Ma, Chunsheng (Taylor & Francis Group, 2016)
    A stochastic representation is derived for a vector random field that is stationary, isotropic, and mean square continuous on a sphere or unit circle. The established stochastic representation is an infinite series involving ...
  • Nilsolitons of H-type in the Lorentzian setting 

    Onda, Kensuke (Houston Journal of Mathematics, 2015)
    It is known that all left-invariant pseudo-Riemannian metrics on the three-dimensional Heisenberg group H-3 are algebraic Ricci solitons. We consider generalizations of Riemannian H-type, namely pseudoH-type and pH-type. ...
  • On the relationship of continuity and boundary regularity in prescribed mean curvature dirichlet problems 

    Lancaster, Kirk E.; Melin, Jaron Patric (Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 2016-03-03)
    In 1976, Leon Simon showed that if a compact subset of the boundary of a domain is smooth and has negative mean curvature, then the nonparametric least area problem with Lipschitz continuous Dirichlet boundary data has a ...
  • Increasing stability in the inverse problem for the Schrödinger equation 

    Liang, Li (Wichita State University, 2015-12)
    The Schrödinger equation is a partial differential equation that describes how the quantum state of a physical system changes with time. It was formulated in late 1925 by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger. The study ...
  • Hybrid basis scheme for computing electrostatic fields exterior to close-to-touching discs 

    Crowdy, D. G.; Tanveer, S.; DeLillo, Thomas K. (Oxford University Press, 2016-04)
    This paper presents a simple and effective new numerical scheme for the computation of electrostatic fields exterior to a collection of close-to-touching discs. The method is presented in detail for the two-disc case. The ...
  • Effect of H2S in syngas on the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis performance of a precipitated iron catalyst 

    Ma, Wenping; Jacobs, Gary; Sparks, Dennis E.; Shafer, Wilson D.; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Hopps, Shelley D.; Pendyala, Venkat Ramana Rao; Hu, Yongfeng; Xiao, Qunfeng; Davis, Burtron H. (Elsevier B.V., 2016-03-05)
    The sulfur limit, the relationship between the sulfur added and the surface Fe atoms lost (Fe/S), and mechanism of sulfur poisoning were studied using an iron Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) catalyst (100 Fe/5.1 Si/2.0Cu/3.0K). ...
  • First measurement of muon-neutrino disappearance in NOvA 

    NOvA Collaboration; Meyer, Holger; Muether, Mathew; Solomey, Nickolas (American Physical Society, 2016-03-25)
    This paper reports the first measurement using the NOvA detectors of nu(mu) disappearance in a nu(mu) beam. The analysis uses a 14 kton-equivalent exposure of 2.74 x 10(20) protons-on-target from the Fermilab NuMI beam. ...
  • First measurement of electron neutrino appearance in NOvA 

    Meyer, Holger; Muether, Mathew; Solomey, Nickolas (American Physical Society, 2016-04-13)
    We report results from the first search for nu(mu) -> nu(e) transitions by the NOvA experiment. In an exposure equivalent to 2.74 x 10(20) protons on target in the upgraded NuMI beam at Fermilab, we observe 6 events in the ...
  • Protostellar collapse using multigroup radiation hydrodynamics 

    Vaytet, Neil; Chabrier, Gilles; Audit, Edouard; Commercon, Benoit; Masson, Jacques; Gonzalez, Matthias; Ferguson, Jason W.; Delahaye, Franck (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2015)
    Many simulations of protostellar collapse make use of a grey treatment of radiative transfer coupled to the hydrodynamics. However, interstellar gas and dust opacities present large variations as a function of frequency. ...
  • Increasing stability for the conductivity and attenuation coefficients 

    Isakov, Victor, 1947-; Lai, Ru-Yu; Wang, Jenn-Nan (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2016)
    In this work we consider stability of recovery of the conductivity and attenuation coefficients of the stationary Maxwell and Schrodinger equations from a complete set of (Cauchy) boundary data. By using complex geometrical ...
  • On an ad hoc test for order restricted multivariate normal means 

    Hu, Xiaomi (Taylor & Francis Group, 2016)
    For several normal mean vectors restricted by a simple ordering with respect to a multivariate order, this article derives sufficient and necessary conditions for the restricted MLEs for both mean vectors and covariance ...
  • Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide over Co-Fe Bimetallic Catalysts 

    Gnanamani, Muthu Kumaran; Jacobs, Gary; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Shafer, Wilson D.; Liu, Fang; Hopps, Shelley D.; Thomas, Gerald A.; Davis, Burtron H. (American Chemical Society, 2016-02)
    A series of Co-Fe bimetallic catalysts was prepared, characterized, and studied for the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide. The catalyst precursors were prepared via an oxalate coprecipitation method. Monometallic (Co or Fe) ...
  • Increasing stability in the inverse source problem with many frequencies 

    Cheng, Jin; Isakov, Victor, 1947-; Lu, Shuai (Elsevier B.V., 2016-03-05)
    We study increasing stability in the interior inverse source problem for the Helmholtz equation from boundary Cauchy data for multiple wave numbers. By using the Fourier transform with respect to the wave number, explicit ...
  • Consistent estimation of survival functions under uniform stochastic ordering; the k-sample case 

    El Barmi, Hammou; Mukerjee, Hari (Elsevier B.V., 2016-02)
    Let S-1, S-2, ... , S-k be survival functions of life distributions. They are said to be uniformly stochastically ordered, S-1 <=(uso) S-2 <=(uso) ... <=(uso) S-k, if S-i/Si+1 is a survival function for 1 <= i <= k - 1. ...
  • Kahler-Einstein metrics with edge singularities 

    Jeffres, Thalia D.; Mazzeo, Rafe; Rubinstein, Yanir A. (Princeton University, 2016-01)
    This article considers the existence and regularity of Kahler Einstein metrics on a compact Kahler manifold M with edge singularities with cone angle 2 pi beta along a smooth divisor D. We prove existence of such metrics ...
  • A new test for new better than used in expectation lifetimes 

    Lorenzo, Edgardo; Malla, Ganesh B.; Mukerjee, Hari (Taylor & Francis Group, 2015)
    The mean residual life of a non negative random variable X with a finite mean is defined by M(t) = E[X - t | X > t] for t >= 0. A popular nonparametric model of aging is new better than used in expectation (NBUE), when ...
  • Regularization via Cheeger deformations 

    Searle, Catherine; Solorzano, Pedro; Wilhelm, Frederick (Springer Netherlands, 2015-12)
    We show that Cheeger deformations regularize G-invariant metrics in a very strong sense.
  • Increasing stability for near field from the scattering amplitude 

    Isakov, Victor, 1947- (American Mathematical Society, 2015)
    We obtain stability estimates for the near field of a radiating solution of the Helmholtz equation from the far field (scattering amplitude). This estimates contain the best possible Lipschitz term, a Holder term, and terms ...

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