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  • How to lift positive Ricci curvature 

    Searle, Catherine; Wilhelm, Frederick (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2015-05-21)
    We show how to lift positive Ricci and almost nonnegative curvatures from an orbit space M / G to the corresponding G-manifold, M. We apply the results to get new examples of Riemannian manifolds that satisfy both curvature ...
  • Role of Cu2+ substitution on the structural and magnetic properties of Ni-ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by the microwave-combustion method 

    Elshahawy, A. M.; Mahmoud, Mohamed H.; Makhlouf, Salah A.; Hamdeh, Hussein H. (Elsevier B.V., 2015-11)
    Ni1-xCuxFe2O4 (x=0.00, 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20 and 0.25) nanoparticles were successfully synthesized by microwave-induced combustion process using urea as fuel. The structural and magnetic properties of the samples were ...
  • The NOvA far detector data acquisition system 

    Biery, Kurt; Guglielmo, Gerald; Habig, Alec; Illingworth, Robert; Kasahara, Susan; Meyer, Holger; Kwarciany, Rick; Lu, Qiming; Lukhanin, Gennadiy; Magill, Stephen; Mathis, Mark; Moren, Adam; Mualem, Leon; Muether, Mathew; Norman, Andrew; Paley, Jonathan; Perevalov, Denis; Piccoli, Luciano; Rechenmacher, Ronald; Shanahan, Peter; Suter, Louise; Waldron, Abigail; Zalesak, Jaroslav (2014)
    Biery, Kurt, et al. "The NOvA Far Detector Data Acquisition System." Journal of Physics: Conference Series 513 no 1. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/513/1/012041.
  • Isotropic covariance matrix functions on all spheres 

    Ma, Chunsheng (Springer International Publishing AG, 2015-08)
    This paper reviews and introduces characterizations of the covariance function on all spheres that is isotropic and continuous, and characterizations of the covariance matrix function on all spheres whose entries are ...
  • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Effect of ammonia in syngas on the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis performance of a precipitated iron catalyst 

    Ma, Wenping; Jacobs, Gary; Sparks, Dennis E.; Pendyala, Venkat Ramana Rao; Hopps, Shelley G.; Thomas, Gerald A.; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; MacLennan, Aimee; Hu, Yongfeng; Davis, Burtron H. (Elsevier B.V., 2015-06)
    The effect of ammonia in syngas on the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) reaction over 100Fe/5.1Si/2.0Cu/3.0K catalyst was studied at 220-270 degrees C and 1.3 MPa using a 1-L slurry phase reactor. The ammonia added in syngas ...
  • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Effects of hydrohalic acids in syngas on a precipitated iron catalyst 

    Ma, Wenping; Jacobs, Gary; Thomas, Gerald A.; Shafer, Wilson D.; Sparks, Dennis E.; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Davis, Burtron H. (American Chemical Society, 2015-05)
    The current investigation was undertaken to identify limits of hydrohalic acid (HX, X = F, Cl, Br) impurities in syngas and shed light on the mechanism of FIX poisoning of a 100 Fe/5.1 Si/2 Cu/3 K FTS catalyst under ...
  • Multifractional vector Brownian motions, their decompositions, and generalizations 

    Ma, Chunsheng (Taylor & Francis Group, 2015-05-04)
    This article introduces three types of covariance matrix structures for Gaussian or elliptically contoured vector random fields in space and/or time, which include fractional, bifractional, and trifractional vector Brownian ...
  • Logistic vector random fields with logistic direct and cross covariances 

    Balakrishnan, N.; Ma, Chunsheng; Wang, Renxiang (Elsevier B.V., 2015-06)
    The logistic vector random field is introduced in this paper as a scale mixture of Gaussian vector random fields, and is thus a particular elliptically contoured (spherically invariant) vector random field. Such a logistic ...
  • Increasing stability for the inverse problem of the Schrodinger equation with the partial Cauchy data 

    Liang, Li (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2015-05)
    To show increasing stability in the problem of recovering potential c is an element of C-1 (Omega) in the Schrodinger equation with the given partial Cauchy data when energy frequency k is growing, we will obtain some ...
  • Zeta function of self-adjoint operators on surfaces of revolution 

    Lu, Tianshi; Jeffres, Thalia D.; Kirsten, Klaus (IOP Publishing, 2015-04-10)
    In this article we analyze the zeta function for the Laplace operator on a surface of revolution. A variety of boundary conditions, separated and unseparated, are considered. Formulas for several residues and values of the ...
  • Stellar models of multiple populations in globular clusters - I. The main sequence of NGC 6752 

    Dotter, Aaron; Ferguson, Jason W.; Conroy, Charlie; Milone, A. P.; Marino, A. F.; Yong, David (Oxford University Press, 2015-01-11)
    We present stellar atmosphere and evolution models of main-sequence stars in two stellar populations of the Galactic globular cluster NGC 6752. These populations represent the two extremes of light-element abundance ...
  • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: activity and selectivity of chi-Fe5C2 and circle minus-Fe3C carbides 

    Gnanamani, Muthu Kumaran; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Jacobs, Gary; Shafer, Wilson D.; Sparks, Dennis E.; Keogh, Robert A.; Davis, Burtron H. (American Chemical Society, 2014-08-10)
    Two different iron carbides, Hägg (χ-Fe5C2) and cementite (ϴ-Fe3C) for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) was investigated. Both iron carbides were oxidized to Fe3O4 ​during FTS. Hägg carbide (χ-Fe5C2), initially exhibits ...
  • H-spaces, loop spaces and the space of positive scalar curvature metrics on the sphere 

    Walsh, Mark (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2014-10-02)
    For dimensions n >= 3, we show that the space Riem(+)(S-n) of metrics of positive scalar curvature on the sphere S-n is homotopy equivalent to a subspace of itself which takes the form of an H-space with a homotopy ...
  • The space of positive scalar curvature metrics on a manifold with boundary 

    Walsh, Mark (2014-11-12)
    We study the space of Riemannian metrics with positive scalar curvature on a compact manifold with boundary. These metrics extend a fixed boundary metric and take a product structure on a collar neighbourhood of the boundary. ...
  • Increasing stability for determining the potential in the Schrodinger equation with attenuation from the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map 

    Isakov, Victor, 1947-; Wang, Jenn-Nan (American Institute of Mathemaical Sciences, 2014-11)
    We derive some bounds which can be viewed as an evidence of increasing stability in the problem of recovering the potential coefficient in the Schrodinger equation from the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map in the presence of ...
  • Recovery of time dependent volatility coefficient by linearization 

    Isakov, Victor, 1947- (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2014-03)
    We study the problem of reconstruction of special time dependent local volatility from market prices of options with different strikes at two expiration times. For a general diffusion process we apply the linearization ...
  • Structural analysis and cations distribution of nanocrystalline Ni1-xZnxFe1.7Ga0.3O4 

    Heiba, Zein K.; Mohamed, Mohamed Bakr; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Ahmed, M. A. (Elsevier B.V., 2014-09-09)
    Nanostructured Ni1-xZnxFe1.7Ga0.3O4, with x = 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 were prepared by citrate method and were investigated using X-ray diffraction and Mossbauer spectroscopy. The structure characterized using X-ray ...
  • Improved asymptotics of a decreasing mean residual life estimator 

    Lorenzo, Edgardo; Mukerjee, Hari (Taylor & Francis Group, 2014-09-17)
    The mean residual life of a life distribution, X, with a finite mean is defined by M(t) = E[X - t|X > t] for t > 0. Kochar etal. (2000) provided an estimator of M when it is assumed to be decreasing. They showed that its ...
  • Applications of the h-Cobordism Theorem 

    Burkemper, Matthew Bryan (Wichita State University, 2014-05)
    We provide an exposition of J. Milnor's proof of the h-Cobordism Theorem. This theorem states that a smooth, compact, simply connected n-dimensional manifold W with n greater than or equal to 6, whose boundary boundaryW ...
  • Geometry of horizontal bundles and connections 

    Ryan, Justin M. (Wichita State University, 2014-05)
    An Ehresmann connection on a fiber bundle pi: E --> M is defined by prescribing a suitable horizontal subbundle H of the tangent bundle piT: TE --> E. For a horizontal bundle to be suitable, it must have a property called ...

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