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  • Isotropic covariance matrix functions on all spheres 

    Ma, Chunsheng (Springer International Publishing AG, 2015-08)
    This paper reviews and introduces characterizations of the covariance function on all spheres that is isotropic and continuous, and characterizations of the covariance matrix function on all spheres whose entries are ...
  • Isotropic variogram matrix functions on spheres 

    Du, Juan; Ma, Chunsheng; Li, Yang (SPRINGER, 2013-04)
    This paper is concerned with vector random fields on spheres with second-order increments, which are intrinsically stationary and mean square continuous and have isotropic variogram matrix functions. A characterization of ...
  • Stationary and isotropic vector random fields on spheres 

    Ma, Chunsheng (Springer, 2012-08)
    This paper presents the characterization of the covariance matrix function of a Gaussian or second-order elliptically contoured vector random field on the sphere which is stationary, isotropic, and mean square continuous. ...