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  • Moving as a reason for pet relinquishment: a closer look 

    Shore, Elsie R.; Petersen, Connie L.; Douglas, Deanna K. (Routledge, 2003)
    One of the most frequently given reasons for relinquishing a companion animal to an animal shelter is that the person or family is moving. Telephone interviews conducted with 57 caregivers who relinquished animal companions ...
  • Pet owners' views of pet behavior problems and willingness to consult experts for assistance 

    Shore, Elsie R.; Burdsal, Charles A.; Douglas, Deanna K. (Routledge, 2008-01)
    Prior research has found that dog obedience training and the receipt of advice regarding companion animal (pet) behavior reduce the risk of nonhuman animal relinquishment to an animal shelter and increase human-companion ...