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  • Potential protease inhibitors based on a functionalized cyclic sulfamide scaffold 

    Zhong, Jiaying; Gan, Xiangdong; Alliston, Kevin R.; Lai, Zhong; Yu, Hongyi; Groutas, Christopher S.; Wong, Tzutshin; Groutas, William C. (American Chemical Society, 2004-07-01)
    Exploratory studies related to the design and synthesis of functionalized cyclic sulfamides (I) as potential inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes were carried out. The structural motif and three diversity sites embodied in ...
  • The role of charge in the surfactant-assisted stabilization of the natural product curcumin 

    Wang, Zifan; Leung, Mandy H. M.; Kee, Tak W.; English, Douglas S. (American Chemical Society, 2010-04-20)
    Colloidal solutions of surfactants that form micelles or vesicles are useful for solubilizing and stabilizing hydrophobic molecules that are otherwise sparingly soluble in aqueous solutions. In this paper we investigate ...