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  • Mechanisms of amphetamine action illuminated through optical monitoring of dopamine synaptic vesicles in Drosophila brain 

    Freyberg, Zachary; Sonders, Mark S.; Aguilar, Jenny I.; Hiranita, Takato; Karam, Caline S.; Flores, Jorge; Pizzo, Andrea B.; Zhang, Yuchao; Farino, Zachary J.; Chen, Audrey; Martin, Ciara A.; Kopajtic, Theresa A.; Fei, Hao; Hu, Gang; Lin, Yi-Ying; Mosharov, Eugene V.; McCabe, Brian D.; Freyberg, Robin; Wimalasena, Kandatege; Hsin, Ling-Wei; Sames, Dalibor; Krantz, David E.; Katz, Jonathan L.; Sulzer, David; Javitch, Jonathan A (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-02-16)
    Amphetamines elevate extracellular dopamine, but the underlying mechanisms remain uncertain. Here we show in rodents that acute pharmacological inhibition of the vesicular monoamine transporter (VMAT) blocks amphetamine-induced ...
  • The mechanisms of change associated with exposure in act versus CBT for treatment of arachnophobia 

    Wagener, Alexandra L. (Wichita State University, 2012-12)
    The role that exposure plays and the related mechanisms of actions that contribute to the successful treatment of arachnophobia by cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) versus acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) were ...
  • Media consumption and educational outcomes: Media is another form of cultural capital 

    Schmitz, Darren Thomas (Wichita State University, 2014-05)
    Adolescent media use has been considered an important factor in shaping educational outcomes. In order to help adolescents succeed academically, it is important to understand how they utilize their time. The purpose of ...
  • Mediating role of spirituality on the relationship between stress and depression among older adults in assisted living 

    Lee, Kyoung Hag; Jun, Jung Sim; Bolin, Brien L.; Yoon, Dong Pil (2013-01)
    Purpose: To meet the growing need of older adults for assisted living, the number of Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) in the United States has increased 15 to 20 percent annually. Older adults living in ALFs have often ...
  • Medicago truncatula ecotypes A17 and R108 show variations in jasmonic acid/ethylene induced resistance to Macrophomina phaseolina 

    Gaige, Andres Reyes; Doerksen, Tyler; Shuai, Bin (TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 2012)
    The soilborne necrotrophic fungal pathogen Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid causes charcoal rot disease in many economically important crops. There are no effective control methods for this disease and no completely ...
  • Medicaid fee for service reimbursement and the delivery of human services for individuals with developmental disabilities or severe mental illness: negotiating cost 

    Walker, Melissa A.; Osterhaus, Jason E. (Southern Public Administration Education Foundation, Inc., 2010)
    Fees paid by Medicaid are a primary resource for nonprofit organizations serving individuals with developmental disabilities and severe mental illness. While Medicaid reimbursement has facilitated the transition from ...
  • Member retention in consumer-run organizations 

    Dziadkowiec, Oliwier; Vu, Chi C.; Shagott, Todd P.; Reinhart, Crystal; Keele-Lien, Ashlee; Swink, Nathan; Meissen, Gregory J.; Wituk, Scott A.; Hymer, Kimberly; Banta, Adrienne (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2009-05-01)
    Consumer run-organizations (CROs) have been empowering and socially supportive settings chosen by mental health consumers as a complement or an alternative to traditional mental health services. According to previous ...
  • Memorials of absence in post 9/11 Anglo-expression 

    Johnson, Bronwen R. (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2014-04-25)
    Depictions of 9/11 have often obscured narratives of individual suffering; while there was great loss of life, this loss of life is generally imagined not as individual narratives, but narratives en masse. My presentation ...
  • Mending science in Middlemarch 

    Landes, Claire A. (Wichita State University, 2013-05)
    Most scholars agree that George Eliot's scientific interests informed her novels, especially her 1871 novel, Middlemarch. This research attempts to add to that body of scholarship by showing how, through Middlemarch, Eliot ...
  • Mentally retarded individuals--a population at risk? 

    Pitetti, Kenneth H.; Campbell, Kathryn D. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1991-05)
    When comparing the aging process of mentally retarded (MR) persons with the nondisabled population, researchers have established an earlier lower limit for the onset of old age for MR persons and a higher mortality rate. ...
  • Metafilm: Visual storytelling in the postmodern age 

    Rowan, Robert M. (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2010-04-23)
    Audio-visual communication in the form of film and television has formed a language of its own, and this emergence begs both scholars and artists to put it to use in creative ways. The term “Metafilm” here refers to a film ...
  • Metal quinolinolate-fullerene(s) donor-acceptor complexes: evidence for organic LED molecules acting as electron donors in photoinduced electron-transfer reactions 

    D'Souza, Francis; Maligaspe, Eranda; Zandler, Melvin E.; Subbaiyan, Navaneetha K.; Ohkubo, Kei; Fukuzumi, Shunichi (American Chemical Society, 2008-12-17)
    Tris(quinolinolate)aluminum(III) (AlQ3) is the most widely used molecule in organic light-emitting devices. There exists a strong demand for understanding the photochemical and photophysical events originating from this ...
  • Metate with nutting depressions 

    Blakeslee, Donald J. (Wichita State University. Dept. of Anthropology, 2009-09-17)
    This item is part of Wichita State University Dept. of Anthropology collection of archaeological artifacts
  • Metate with nutting depressions 

    Blakeslee, Donald J. (Wichita State University. Dept. of Anthropology, 2009-09-17)
    This item is part of Wichita State University Dept. of Anthropology collection of archaeological artifacts
  • Method for characterizing sulfated glycoproteins in a glycosylation site-specific fashion, using ion pairing and tandem mass spectrometry 

    Irungu, Janet; Dalpathado, Dilusha S.; Go, Eden P.; Jiang, Hui; Ha, Hy-Vy; Bousfield, George R.; Desaire, Heather (American Chemical Society, 2006-01-21)
    Structural analysis of sulfated glycans is essential in understanding their biological significance. Here, we present a new approach to characterize sulfated glycans present on glycoproteins. The analysis is performed on ...
  • Metrics of positive scalar curvature and generalised Morse functions, part II 

    Walsh, Mark (American Mathematical Society, 2014-01)
    The surgery technique of Gromov and Lawson may be used to construct families of positive scalar curvature metrics which are parameterised by Morse functions. This has played an important role in the study of the space of ...
  • MFA Graduates Fiction and Poetry Reading 

    Kamsoke, Brian; Lipps, Nathan; Englebert, Amber; Delvaux, Katelyn; Wirtz, Aaron; Hoffman, Rae (2013-05-08)
    2013 MFA graduates from the WSU English Department's Creative Writing Program read from their final projects.
  • MFA Student Poets 

    Hash, Amanda; Kaeser, Jennifer; McMahan, Jay; Moritz, Ruth; Rush, Brandon K.; Welang, Nahum (2011-05-03)
    MFA poetry students from the WSU English Department's Creative Writing Program read their poetry.
  • MFA Student Poets 2012 

    Menefee, Catherine; Rush, Brandon K.; McKibben, Maggi (2012-07-30)
    MFA poetry students from the WSU English Department's Creative Writing Program read their poetry.
  • Michael McGriff, Visiting Poet in Residence 

    McGriff, Michael (2011-04-29)
    Michael McGriff, Visiting & Distinguished Poet in Residence for WSU Dept. of English, reads from his books of poetry (Dismantling the Hills, The Sorrow Gondola, & To Build My Shadow a Fire).