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  • Historians' reaction to the documentary, The Dust Bowl 

    Riney-Kehrberg, Pamela; Cunfer, Geoff; Hurt, R. Douglas; Courtwright, Julie (Agricultural History Society, 2014-04-14)
    Historical documentaries have a wider audience and often a greater visceral impact than written histories. They frequently resonate deeply with viewers through the use of images, first-person narratives, and evocative ...
  • WHO knows best? National and international responses to pandemic threats and the "lessons" of 1976 

    Dehner, George (Oxford University Press, 2010-10-01)
    The discovery of a novel influenza strain at Fort Dix, New Jersey, in 1976-dubbed Swine Flu-prompted differing responses from national and international health organizations. The United States crafted a vaccination campaign ...