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  • Making decisions on breast cancer screening 

    Quigley, Timothy F.; Davis, Richard H.; Larson, L.W.; Leger, M.M.; McNellis, R.; Muma, Richard D.; Toth, Sarah A. (Haymarket Media, 2002-07)
  • Management of new-onset atrial fibrillation 

    Taft, James M.; Davis, Richard H.; Donnelly, Richard E.; Leger, Marie-Michele; Muma, Richard D.; Toth, Sarah A. (Haymarket Media, 2001-05)
  • Managing minor closed head injury in children 

    Taft, James M.; Davis, Richard H.; Donnelly, Richard E.; Girard, Sharon S.; Muma, Richard D.; Toth, Sarah A. (Haymarket Media, 1999-12)
    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and its Committee on Quality Improvement in collaboration with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and its Commission on Clinical Policies and Research, and in conjunction ...
  • Manual del HIV para profesionales de la salud 

    Muma, Richard D.; Lyons, Barbara Ann; Borucki, Michael J.; Pollard, Richard B. (Mexico: Modern Manual, 2000)
  • Marital status and health care expenditures among the elderly in a managed care organization 

    Cabrera-Alonso, Juliana; Long, Michael J.; Bangalore, Vinay G; Lescoe-Long, Mary A. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2003-07)
    The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of marital status in and health care expenditures among the elderly in a managed care organization. The study population consisted of 277 functionally impaired ...
  • Marital status in rheumatoid arthritis and other rheumatic disorders: a study of 7,293 patients 

    Hawley, Donna J.; Wolfe, Frederick; Cathey, M. A.; Roberts, F. K. (Journal of Rheumatology Publishing, 1991-05)
    Divorce has been considered to be increased in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), perhaps as a result of the stress of serious chronic illness. We studied marital status in 7,293 consecutive rheumatic disease patients attending ...
  • Medicaid case-mix nursing home reimbursement in three states 

    Swan, James H.; Pickard, Ruth B. (Routledge, 2003)
    Case-mix nursing facility payment raises issues of access, quality, equity, and cost. Case-mix should better match payment to costs, improve access, and provide incentives to increased staffing and quality of care; but it ...
  • Medicaid nursing facility reimbursement methods: 1979-1997 

    Swan, James H.; Harrington, Charlene; Clemeña, Wendy; Pickard, Ruth B.; Studer, Liatris; deWit, Susan K. (Sage Publications, 2000-09)
    This article describes state Medicaid nursing facility reimbursement methods and rates in 1979-1997, using data derived from telephone surveys of state Medicaid reimbursement. The 1980s saw shifts toward prospective ...
  • Medicare revenue in large medical groups 

    Swan, James H.; Hunter, H. R.; Tumelty, R. (Routledge, 1997)
    The aged are the heaviest users of physician services. A ageing population and escalation in medical costs have pressured Medicare budgets, which have increased fastest in Part B physician reimbursement. Policy responses ...
  • Metalinguistic awareness in children: a developmental progression 

    Edwards, Harold T.; Kirkpatrick, Anita G. (Springer New York LLC, 1999-07)
    The purpose of this study was to determine if a developmental order exists in the metalinguistic ability of children to make judgments about the form of language while simultaneously attending to a meaningful linguistic ...
  • Mitosis in embryonic trisomy 1 mouse eye 

    Smith, Barbara S. (John Wiley & Sons, 1989-12)
    Trisomy 1 embryos consistently show eye defects (e.g., aphakia, microphakia, retention of lens stalk). To determine if the plane of division of mitotic figures is abnormal in the eyes of these animals, trisomic embryos ...
  • Multicompetent health professionals: needs, combinations, and curriculum development 

    Beachey, Will D. (Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions, 1988-11)
    Goals of this study included the investigation of the need for multicompetent health practitioners, the relationship between hospital size and perception of this need, and feasible combinations of professions and skills ...
  • Multiple ligament knee injury: Complications 

    Manske, Robert C.; Hosseinzadeh, Pooya; Giangarra, Charles E. (Sports Physical Therapy Section, APTA, 2008-11)
    Non-operative and operative complications are common following multiple ligament knee injuries. This article will describe common complications seen by the surgeon and physical therapist following this complex injury. ...
  • Muscle activation during push-ups with different suspension training systems 

    Calatayud, Joaquin; Borreani, Sebastien; Colado, Juan C.; Martin F, Fernando; Rogers, Michael E.; Behm, David G.; Andersen, Lars L. (©Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2014), 2014-09)
    The purpose of this study was to analyze upper extremity and core muscle activation when performing push-ups with different suspension devices. Young fit male university students (n = 29) performed 3 push-ups each with 4 ...
  • The NCLEX-RN and nurse educators 

    Washburn, J.; Short, L. (Slack, 1992-04)
    The involvement of nurse educators with recent NCLEX-RN changes was studied. One hundred and twenty administrators from associate (ADN) and baccalaureate (BSN) degree programs across the country responded to a questionnaire ...
  • Neuromuscular exercises with different devices: progression of ankle muscle activation 

    Calatayud, Joaquin; Colado, Juan C.; Borreani, Sebastien; Martin, Fernando; Tella, Victor; Rogers, Michael E. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2013-05)
    The ankle is the second most commonly injured body part in sports and ankle sprains are the most common type of ankle injury. Female athletes have a high rate of ankle injury in some team sports. Rehabilitation must ...
  • New classifications for diabetes mellitus 

    Donnelly, Richard E.; Davis, Richard H.; Girard, Sharon S.; Muma, Richard D.; Taft, James M.; Toth, Sarah A. (Haymarket Media, 1998)
  • New recommendations for preventing bacterial endocarditis 

    Davis, Richard H.; Donnelly, Richard E.; Girard, Sharon S.; Muma, Richard D.; Taft, James M.; Toth, Sarah A. (Haymarket Media, 1998)
  • Ninety-nine kegs of beer on the wall: Hollywood depictions of college life 

    Somers, Patricia A.; Bain, D.; Baumgart, G.; Brune, M.; Dawkins, L.; Elliott, J.; Mackin, K.; Muma, Richard D.; Rullman, L.; Settle, J.; Swyers, K.; Turley, R.; Zacharias, A. (National Association of Student Personnel Administration, 2003)