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  • High resolution joint time delay and frequency estimation 

    Heba, S.; Hiren, G.; Qasaymeh, Mahmoud Mohammad; Nizar, T.; Sawan, M. Edwin; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2009-03-30)
    Joint Time Delay and Frequency Estimation (JTDFE) problem of complex sinusoidal signals received at two separated sensors is an attractive problem that has been studied for many engineering applications. In this paper, the ...
  • Image reproduction with radiographic screen-film combination 

    Karim, M.A.; Pendse, Ravi (1984-09)
  • The impact of medium access delays on the packet service-time in saturated ad hoc networks 

    Kadiyala, Murali Krishna; Paradi, Santosh; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2010-10-05)
    Medium Access Control (MAC) delays significantly increase the packet service-time in saturated networks. As the number of contending nodes increases, the occurrence of collisions and cross-transmissions (CTs) also increases, ...
  • Impact of RM cell frequency on ERICA and EFCI schemes in ATM 

    Moosa, S.; Bhagavathula, Ravi; Rajamoni, R.; Pendse, Ravi (2001-08)
  • Implementation of coordinated multihop scheduling in OPNET 

    Joshi, Deepti; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Namuduri, Kameswara; Pendse, Ravi (OPNETWORK 2003, 2003-08)
    Quality of service is one of the major issues on which the networking world is concentrating today. While there are many different techniques that have been proposed to improve the quality of service (QoS), most of them ...
  • Influence of codecs on adaptive jitter buffer algorithm 

    Hirannaiah, Radhika M.; Jasti, Amarnath; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2007-09-30)
    Transmitting real-time audio or video applications over the Internet is a challenge for current networking technology. Reduced overhead and enhancement of services are the motivations for deploying voice communications. ...
  • Innovative design techniques in a freshman class 

    Pendse, Ravi; Johnson, Everett L. (ASEE, 1997-06)
    At Wichita State University, we have a three course sequence in the Digital Design area with the first course taken by incoming freshman students. This course entitled “Introduction to Digital Design” is a very popular ...
  • Innovative pre-fetching techniques for CPU and disk caches 

    Pendse, Ravi; Bhagavathula, Ravi (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 1998-11)
  • An intelligent network monitoring and management tool for aircraft data networks 

    Gao, Haihong; Jasti, Amarnath; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2005-10-30)
    In this research work, authors propose an intelligent network monitoring and management tool for aircraft data network (ADN) to monitor and manage various on-board systems. This tool helps in visualizing a typical ADN ...
  • Investigation of impact of victim cache and victim tracer on a fully associative disk cache 

    Pendse, Ravi; Kushanagar, N.; Walterscheidt, U. (IEEE, 1998-08-09)
    In this paper, we present results of investigation to study the impact of victim cache and victim tracer on the miss rates due to the LRU block replacement algorithm. A total of three different algorithms were implemented. ...
  • IP connectivity and DAP 

    Ragothaman, Vijay; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Bhagavathula, Ravi; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2004-10-24)
    The information technology (IT) revolution, combined with people's need to access information quickly, has resulted in the explosive growth of the Internet in the past decade. Ubiquitous access to the Internet has become ...
  • Issues in deploying wireless networks 

    Thanthry, Nagaraja; Jasti, Amarnath; Pendse, Ravi (OPNETWORK 2003, 2003-08)
  • Issues with nested mobility 

    Bhagavathula, Ravi; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Namuduri, Kameswara; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2003-10-06)
    Mobility and Internet access have become an integral part of today's life. The recent advances in computer hardware have also aided in increasing the dependence on Internet connectivity. Protocols like mobile IP were ...
  • Link availability and its effects on the capacity of mobile ad hoc wireless networks - an analytical approach 

    Sharma, R.; Bhagavathula, Ravi; Namuduri, Kameswara; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2006-11-14)
    Mobile ad hoc wireless networks are expected to play a very important role in the future. Therefore, extensive research has been conducted to understand and analyze these networks under various conditions of strategic ...
  • Link stability based enhancements to OLSR (LS-OLSR) 

    Obilisetty, S.; Jasti, Amarnath; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2005-09-25)
    The proliferation of Ad-Hoc network based applications have greatly increased the need for robust proactive routing protocol like Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR). OLSR uses Multipoint Relays (MPRs) for controlled ...
  • LRU-FP algorithm with dual threshold 

    Pendse, Ravi; Mendu, S. (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 1998-11)
  • Mobile IP and virtual private networks 

    Bhagavathula, Ravi; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2002)
    With a growing number of portable computing devices like laptops and personal digital assistants (PDA), the need for seamless connectivity to the global Internet is driving the acceptance of different mobility solutions. ...
  • Mobile MOGRE VPN 

    Bhagavathula, Ravi; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Immich, P.; Pendse, Ravi (2002-09)
    While the usage of IPSec based VPNs for the construction and maintenance of a mobile VPN is feasible, issues related to its scalability in terms of required resources and QoS provisioning limit its practical deployment. ...
  • Mobility: a VPN perspective [mobile computing] 

    Bhagavathula, Ravi; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Wanyen, Lee; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2002-08-04)
    Mobile computing is becoming increasingly important due to the rise in the number of portable computers and the desire to have continuous network connectivity to the Internet irrespective of the physical location of the ...