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  • On the design of high gain feedback sampled-data systems 

    Oloomi, Hossein; Sawan, M. Edwin (IEEE, 1987-12-01)
    Disturbance decoupling problem for a class of sampled-data systems with small sampling periods is investigated using singular perturbation methods
  • On the eigenvalue placement of discrete-time systems with slow and fast modes 

    Shah, Dipak C.; Sawan, M. Edwin; Tran, Minh T. (IEEE, 1984-06-06)
    Linear shift invariant discrete-time systems with slow and fast modes are considered. Singular perturbation techniques are used to obtain the slow subsystem and the fast subsystem. A reduced-order control is designed for ...
  • Optimal pole shifting for discrete time systems 

    Arar, A. S.; Sawan, M. Edwin (IEEE, 1992-06-24)
    A recursive method for selecting the state weighting matrix of a linear quadratic regulator problem in order to shift the open loop eigenvalues to be at desired location is presented. This method is capable of shifting a ...
  • Robustness of sampled-data control to unmodeled high-frequency dynamics 

    Dinh, Joseph H.; Sawan, M. Edwin (IEEE, 1993-06-02)
    Robustness of sampled-data control designs to unmodeled high-frequency dynamics is studied using singular perturbation theory. When a plant is preceded by a zero-order holder, a direct transmission term of the reduced-order ...