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  • Analytical estimation of path duration in mobile Ad Hoc networks 

    Namuduri, Kameswara; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2012-06)
    Path duration is an important design parameter that determines the performance of a mobile ad hoc network (MANET). For example, it can be used to estimate the route expiry time parameter for routes in "on demand" routing ...
  • Data caching for enhancing anonymity 

    Bagai, Rajiv; Tang, Bin (IEEE Computer Society, 2011-03-22)
    The benefits of caching for reducing access time to frequently needed data, in order to improve system performance, are already well-known. In this paper, a proposal for employing data caching for increasing the level of ...
  • Impact of topological characteristics on consensus building in multiagent systems 

    Hatime, Hicham (IEEE, 2011-12)
    This paper represents a network of nodes as a graph and investigates the impact of topological characteristics on consensus building. The properties evaluated are the algebraic connectivity ratio, average path, average ...