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  • An algorithm for the two dimensional FFT 

    Hoyer, Elmer. A.; Berry, W. (IEEE, 1977-05-01)
    Conventional two dimensional fast Fourier transforms become very slow if the size of the matrix becomes too large to be contained in memory. This is due to the transposition of the matrix that is required. This new algorithm ...
  • Two-dimensional zoom FFT 

    Stork, R.; Hoyer, E.A. (IEEE, 1978-04-01)
    The concept of the zoom FFT (a more efficient algorithm which allows zooming in on a narrow segment of the spectrum while preserving its frequency content) is extended to the two-dimensional case. The technique is further ...
  • The zoom FFT using complex modulation 

    Hoyer, E.A.; Stork, R. (IEEE, 1977-05-01)
    A recent paper by Yip discussed the zoom transform as derived from the defining equation of the FFT. This paper simplifies the concepts and removes some of the restrictions assumed by Yip; ie., the total number of points ...