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  • Nanolayers on magnesium (mg) alloy for metallic bone tissue engineering scaffolds 

    Mahapatro, Anil; Negron, Taina D. Matos; Bonner, Carl; Abdel-Fattah, Tarek M. (American Scientific Publishers, 2013-04)
    Magnesium (Mg) and its alloys have been gaining interest for their potential use as a metallic scaffold for bone tissue engineering applications due to its fast corrosion in aqueous environments and nontoxic corrosion by ...
  • Optimal control systems with low sensitivity to small time delays 

    Sawan, M. Edwin; Cruz, J. B. (IEEE, 1979-12-01)
    The problem of reducing trajectory sensitivity to small time delays is considered. State and output feedback gains are computed, so that the system performs optimally with low sensitivity. The delay is assumed to be expected ...