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  • Life cycle and nano-products: end-of-life assessment 

    Asmatulu, Eylem; Twomey, Janet M.; Overcash, Michael (Springer, 2012-03)
    Understanding environmental impacts of nanomaterials necessitates analyzing the life cycle profile. The initial emphasis of nanomaterial life cycle studies has been on the environmental and health effects of nanoproducts ...
  • Nanoporous impedemetric biosensor for detection of trace atrazine from water samples 

    Pichetsurnthorn, Pie; Vattipalli, Krishna; Prasad, Shalini (Elsevier, 2012-02-15)
    Trace contamination of ground water sources has been a problem ever since the introduction of high-soil-mobility pesticides, one such example is atrazine. In this paper we present a novel nanoporous portable bio-sensing ...