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  • Dynamics and safety assessment of a truck impact onto various types of roadside concrete barriers on curved roads 

    Parvatikar, Prasanna K. (Wichita State University, 2013-05)
    Every vehicle manufacturing company invests time and money in researching all the possible ways of eliminating the serious injury to the occupants. These efforts are concentrated on making the vehicle structure and interior ...
  • Dynamics of longitudinal wake vortices 

    Kliment, Linda K. (Wichita State University, 2009-07)
    In the present study, the mid-field vortex wake is investigated. For the most part, the results focus on the motion of a pair of co-rotating vortices prior to merger, both in and out of ground effect. However, in order to ...
  • Early entry program 

    Pendse, Ravi; Johnson, Everett L. (1994-03)
  • An easy case of sorting by reversals 

    Tran, N. (Mary Ann Liebert, 1998)
    We show that a special case of sorting by reversals can be performed in polynomial time, namely, when the number of breakpoints is twice the distance.
  • Economic analysis of electric energy storage 

    Poonpun, Piyasak (2006-05)
    This thesis presents a cost analysis of grid-connected electric energy storage. Various battery energy storage technologies are considered in the analysis. Life-cycle cost analysis is used. The results are presented in ...
  • Economic applications for energy storage 

    Hardy, Trevor David (Wichita State University, 2014-07)
    There are several specific applications that offer potential ways in which energy storage may be able to produce revenue and/or provide savings for system operators. The most obvious is simple energy arbitrage where low-cost ...
  • Economics of quality improvement in manufacturing processes based on attributes 

    Weheba, Gamal S.; Tola, Akale M.; Masud, Abu S.M. (2008)
    Traditional models of the cost of quality combine prevention and appraisal expenses and consider their coupled effect on failure costs. This approach conceals the real economic value of continuous process improvement and ...
  • Editorial: Message from SAMPE's global president 

    Vizzini, Anthony (SAMPE Publishers, 2014-11)
    I have been a member of SAMPE for 27 years. During that time, my professional network and my participation in the society has grown. I began by going to local chapter meetings, then I went to conferences in the United ...
  • Editorial: Message from SAMPE's global president 

    Vizzini, Anthony (SAMPE Publishers, 2014-07)
    A message from SAMPE'S global president: The last time I wrote this note, I was ending my tenure as the International President of SAMPE. I am now writing as the Global President of SAMPE. So much has occurred in the world ...
  • Editorial: Message from SAMPE's global president 

    Vizzini, Anthony (SAMPE Publishers, 2015-01)
    I grew up in SAMPE during the '90s when the glamour of the past was a constant reminder of what had been and in the 00s when the very essence of SAMPE was in peril. Individuals took action and saved our society. In the ...
  • Editorial: Message from SAMPE's global president 

    Vizzini, Anthony (SAMPE Publishers, 2014-09)
    SAMPE was born among nine individuals working in the aerospace industry in Southern California, a likely place in 1944 for rising concerns on the lack of focus on materials and processing within their industry. It was ...
  • Editorial: Message from SAMPE's global president 

    Vizzini, Anthony (SAMPE Publishers, 2015-03)
    If it has not been apparent through this column, SAMPE has been a significant part of my professional career. Consequently, it has also been a significant part of my life. SAMPE helped me to establish my academic credentials ...
  • Editorial: Message from SAMPE's global president 

    Vizzini, Anthony (SAMPE Publishers, 2015-05)
    One key thing I learned in SAMPE is to always recognize that another colleague has something to contribute. Ours is an experience-heavy profession. We cannot experience the entirety of our world. Thus, others are always ...
  • Effect of aircraft seat belt modeling techniques on the crash dynamics and injury criteria for a hybrid III 50th percentile FAA dummy 

    Deshpande, Amit Achyut (2006-12)
    This research attempts to develop and to study the effects of the change in the same type of belt models on the injury criteria. To study the effects, total of six MADYMO models with three different belt models are ...
  • The effect of arm posture and descent height on landing forces 

    Polsani, Anoop Kumar (2006-12)
    Operators of mobile construction equipment (e.g., bulldozers, scrapers, etc.) often opt to descend out of the cabin in an irregular fashion without using proper egress methods, despite being trained on proper egress methods. ...
  • Effect of conditioners on Cu-Cu and Al-Cu high current density sliding electrical contacts 

    Badamikar, Anupam Shirish (Wichita State University, 2009-12)
    This study was aimed at evaluating the performance of contact conditioners in sliding electrical contacts. Cu-Cu and Al-Cu sliding contacts have been tested at current densities up to 933 A/mm2 and 733 A/mm2 respectively. A ...
  • Effect of cutting temperatures on the hole quality of a carbon-fiber composite 

    Rahman, Khan Habeeb Ur; Bahr, Behnam (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2008-04-25)
    The drilling of composites project is aimed at minimizing delamination and reducing the fiber pull out, thereby improving the hole quality. The heat generated during drilling has an adverse effect on the hole quality. So ...
  • Effect of data caching on systemwide anonymity with users sending and receiving multiple messages 

    Khan, Ahsan Ahmad (Wichita State University, 2012-05)
    Data caching is a well-acknowledged method for reducing access times to commonly requested data. Data caching yields considerable results when employed in communication systems that exhibit bidirectional communication, ...
  • Effect of data transfer on DAS, NAS, and SAN: a comparison 

    Jasti, Amarnath; Obilisetty, S.; Ali, Muhammad Sabeeh; Pendse, Ravi (2004-08)
  • Effect of dents on crack growth in aluminum alloy under constant-amplitude loading 

    Smith, Bert; Shivally, Praveen; Kumar, Brijesh (AMER INST AERONAUT ASTRONAUT, 2012-03)
    The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of dents on the stable crack growth in 0.04-in.-thick 2024-T3 bare aluminum sheet. The test specimens were either pristine, dented, or reworked. The edge-cracked ...