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  • Digital imaging and the Early Sedgwick County Township Maps project 

    Deng, Sai; Wang, Tse-Min; Nelson, Mary; Madway, Lorraine (Chinese American Librarian Association, 2008-01-19)
    This presentation describes the digitization, presentation and preservation of the Early Sedgwick County Township Maps, a project undergoing in Special Collections and University Archives at Wichita State University ...
  • Digital literacy and the emergence of technology based curriculum theories 

    Mallon, Melissa N.; Gilstrap, Donald L. (2013-11-07)
    A shifting focus in education is resulting in more networked, technology-enhanced classrooms. Contemporary educators need to be aware of the skill sets students require to thrive in twenty-first century educational ...
  • Dissipative structures in educational change: Prigogine and the academy 

    Gilstrap, Donald L. (Routledge, 2006-11)
    This article is an interpretive study of the theory of irreversible and dissipative systems process transformation of Nobel Prize winning physicist Ilya Prigogine and how it relates to the phenomenological study of leadership ...
  • Distance Learning and Instruction 

    Mallon, Melissa N. (Routledge, 2012-02-29)
    Internet resources for use in distance learning and instruction in academic libraries.
  • Diverse population, diverse collection? Youth collections in the United States 

    Williams, Virginia Kay; Deyoe, Nancy (Routledge, 2014-03-17)
    Do school, public, and academic library collections in the United States provide the children, young adults, and future teachers they serve with books that reflect diverse families and life experiences? Using checklists ...
  • Documenting struggle and resilience: The Federal Writers’ Project records for Kansas 

    Madway, Lorraine (Kansas State Historical Society, 2012)
  • Dynamic map display in web OPAC: an experiment at Wichita State University Libraries 

    Li, Hongfei; Deng, Sai; Deyoe, Nancy (Internet Chinese Librarians Club, 2007)
    Adding more features to the web OPAC or making the Integrated Library Management Systems (ILMS) more compatible to external web services has been a tendency in recent years. Wichita State University (WSU) Libraries' Dynamic ...
  • Dynamic map display in WebVoyage 

    Li, Hongfei; Deyoe, Nancy; Deng, Sai (Voyager EndUser Group Meeting 2007, 2007-04-26)
    The presentation discusses how the dynamic mapping project evolved and the pros and cons of using holdings records versus bibliographic records to generate the maps. The presentation addresses how to transfer data from ...
  • E-Resource Statistics: What to do when you have no money 

    Walker, Mary (Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference, 2009-02-10)
    Tracking statistics and cost-per-use is more important than ever as budgets continue to shrink. ERMS (Electronic Resource Management Systems) are great but what if you can’t afford one? Using spreadsheets to track ...
  • Enhancing workflow through batch import from Excel to DSpace 

    Deng, Sai; Matveyeva, Susan J.; Khan, Baseer (Kansas Library 2010 Conference., 2010-04-08)
    This presentation will address WSU Libraries' implementation of external programming to enhance workflow in its institutional Repository, SOAR (Shocker Open Access Repository). It will discuss several cases including the ...
  • ERMS Implementation: creating order where there is chaos 

    Walker, Mary (Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference, 2009-02-11)
    Implementing 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter from Serials Solutions has been an adventure. Once the software was activated, the real fun began. High expectations, lots of determination and a little elbow grease have ...
  • Extending the learning process: using the theory of connectivism to inspire student collaboration 

    Mallon, Melissa N. (Kansas Library Association College & University Libraries Section Proceedings, 2013)
    For years, library instruction has taken place in 50-minute class periods in the library. Librarians have traditionally demonstrated various research tools, occasionally provided students with the opportunity for hands-on ...
  • FRBR Training 

    Deng, Sai (Wichita State University Libraries, 2011-09-20)
    This presentation introduces “Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records” (FRBR), a conceptual model the new cataloging standard “Resource Description and Access” (RDA) is built on. It gives a detailed explanation ...
  • From scratch: developing an effective mentoring program 

    Zhang, Sha Li; Deyoe, Nancy; Matveyeva, Susan J. (Internet Chinese Librarians Club, 2007-12)
    Formal mentoring programs are increasingly recognized as a means of recruitment and retention in a library setting. An effective mentoring program assists new librarians with diverse backgrounds in their professional growth ...
  • Gibraltar 

    Madway, Lorraine (Brill, 2010)
  • Going Mobile: the In's and Out's of an Academic Mobile Site 

    Walker, Mary; Holt, Ronda (Kansas Library Association Conference, 2011-04-06)
    More people are joining the mobile society and libraries are beginning to provide on the go library service. There are several types of mobile devices, including cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, the iPad, etc. One-third ...
  • Going Mobile: the In's and Out's of an Academic Library Mobile Site 

    Walker, Mary; Holt, Ronda (2010-10-15)
    More people are joining the mobile society and libraries are beginning to provide on the go library service. There are several types of mobile devices including cell phones, Smartphones, PDAs, the iPad, etc. One-third ...
  • Grants 101 for Educators 

    Williams, Virginia Kay (2007-02-23)
  • Graphic novels in libraries supporting teacher education and librarianship programs 

    Williams, Virginia Kay; Peterson, Damen V. (Association of Library Collections and Technical Services, 2009)
    Academic libraries supporting education and library science programs collect juvenile literature to support courses that teach students to evaluate and use books with children and teenagers. Graphic novels have not only ...