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  • Holomorphic functions on subsets of C 

    Fridman, Buma L.; Ma, Daowei (Mathematical Society of Japan, 2013-01)
    Let Gamma be a C-infinity curve in C containing 0; it becomes Gamma(theta) after rotation by angle theta about 0. Suppose a C-infinity function f can be extended holomorphically to a neighborhood of each element of the ...
  • Numerical comparison of negative damping bounds in a specified domain when the wave speed varies 

    Najafi, M.; Sarhangi, G.R.; Sawan, M. Edwin (IEEE, 1992-06-24)
    The energy decay of a self-excited wave equation utt - c2 ¿ u - P(x)ut = 0 is studied where the wave speed c is greater than one, P(x) ¿ 0, and P(x) L¿(¿), ¿ ¿ ¿ Rn. Moreover, the relationship between two bounds for ...
  • Stability of coupled strings vibration system due to different boundary conditions 

    Sarhangi, G.R.; Najafi, M.; Wang, H. (IEEE, 1993-06-02)
    We study the rate of convergence of a coupled wave systems under two different boundary conditions, energy absorbing in two ends for one and free or fixed boundary controls in two ends for the other one. We will observe ...