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  • Ad-hoc networks and layer 2 tunnels 

    Baloch, Fariha; Strandmark, C.; Muralidhran, S.; Bhagavathula, Ravi; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2004-09-26)
    The reach of an ad hoc network is very limited and researchers have studied this issue with great interest. A node that wants to send data to a remote node that is outside its transmission range depends on the intermediate ...
  • Decoupling of large scale systems 

    Shah, Dipak C.; Sawan, M. Edwin; Tran, Minh T. (IEEE, 1984-06-06)
    Linear shift invariant large scale discrete-time multivariable systems whose inputs and outputs are strongly interacted, are considered. The designing of compensators to decouple these systems is presented.
  • Optimal control for a class of interconnected discrete-time systems with parameter uncertainty 

    Challoo, R.; Sawan, M. Edwin (IEEE, 2009-03-10)
    A large-scale interconnected discrete-time system is considered. This system consists of three interconnected discrete-time subsystems x1, X2, and X3 where x2 and X3 can be directly controlled with the controls u2 and ...