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  • Effects of residential energy efficiency on electric demand response programs 

    Jewell, Ward T. (IEEE, 2014)
    Design and efficiency of houses can affect the amount of peak load reduction available from a residential demand response program. Twenty-four houses were simulated with varying thermal integrity and air conditioner size ...
  • Hospital radiology department overhead energy estimation 

    Esmaeili, Mohammad Amin; Jahromi, Ashkan S.; Twomey, Janet M.; Yildirim, Mehmet Bayram; Overcash, Michael; Dominquez, Fernando; Thomas, Nicholas; Mcadam, Ashlee (IEEE, 2011-05)
    The interest in the energy management is found in every sector of the economy. This is true of the commercial sector which includes the healthcare industry. The focus of this study is on estimating the overhead energy ...